Little Korea ! (POI)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

As a Malaysian , I've noticed that there are many great point of interests pinned all over the map of Malaysia.
So today i chose "this" point of interest , named "Little Korea" or also known as "Korea Town"-located in 
Ampang Avenue, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2 (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia to share with readers !

To simplify the review of this place, basically Koreans migrate to Malaysia (@1960) due to great investment of real estate, perfect geographical location to make a living , personal story and etc. Since then, many of them would run their business to earn income because they believe that Malaysia is one of the countries which able to bring them great financial opportunities! In a blink of an eye (@2005-2013) , this place slowly gained tourist's attraction and lead to the success of the business & tourism industry! That is why you can see many Koreans  living in this country today.

Below are pictures aided with description .


( Front view of Little Korea ! )

 ( Korea's convenience store along the road ! )

 ( ^^ )

 ( One of the largest convenience stores ! , what more do you want? )

( Cans and boxes of Korean ingredients~ )

( Bottle of Soju :) )

 ( Kids will love these fancy snacks ! )

 ( Promotional sales of Kim Chi )

 ( Beverages )

( K-pop fans will love this... )

After that, I went and tried this Korean Restaurant called Mu Jin Jang ,
The owner of this restaurant deserved a medal because he really 
cared about his customers ! 
( Front view )

( Korean side dishes, appetizers - usually help to increase our appetite before our main course arrive )

( Tteokbokki A.K.A ddeokbokki ( Spicy Sliced rice cake) , one of the best korean dish ! )
[Thanks to my Korean friend who introduced this dish to me, "DDAEBAK" !]
( Sorry, the taste of the Tteokbokki are indescribable, "a-ju ma-si-sseo-sseo-yo~!!"- meaning " it was delicious"! )

( Bibimbap [Mixed rice] , one of the famous dishes in Korea due to its variations ! Always remember to mix well before enjoying it )

( Ojin-eodipbak [Squid-rice !] Spicy squid, recommended to mix well )

It was a great day for me to accumulate every information from that place, hope to visit there again :)

Author's note: After done reading above, you might be asking for information such as price , recommendations , precautions, & etc. - I'm sorry to inform you that I can't provide such detailed information at this time ,as you know "Little Korea" area is organized by Korean people meaning prices are estimated to be expensive if you visit in a group. Tons of Korean Restaurants to choose from, depends on your own preference but be sure that the owner and the workers are Korean for guaranteed satisfying taste. Generally speaking, everything there is recommended. Another word of advice is, sharpen your proficiency in the Korean Language so that you can communicate with the Korean community.

Address/ map: Ampang Avenue, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2 ( Address provided with Google Maps)

Thank you , bubbye !

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