Traditional Chinese Food/Snack/Dessert ! (Tang Yuan)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello readers from around the Earth ! ~
 It's my first blog post so allow me to present you a post which is related to the
Traditional Chinese Food / Snack / Dessert ,
--> Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice / 汤圆 / Tong Shui) <--

During the old days, the Chinese will ONLY prepare these traditional food/snack/dessert on certain date/festive such as Lunar Festival or also known as Yuan Xiao. However, as time passes, generation changed- NOW, TangYuan can be prepare at anytime and anywhere! Everyone from around the world are able to give it a bite too ! Pictures below are the example that I would like to share with you today !

Customers who enjoy eating traditional Chinese food/snack/dessert should drop by here

-Restaurant Five Five Five *with the Chinese empress  picture on the board* located at 
  Jalan Batu Nilam 3, Bukit Tinggi, 41200, Klang Selangor
 (Nearby Giant mall !)

 (Corner Shop lot)

 (Picture says: Elderly busy preparing TangYuan for customers who had already placed their order)
**(Forgot to mention that, this hawker store once visited & broadcasted by Axian Jason Yeoh of Astro AEC few years back)**

 ( Big  filled Tang Yuan [2 Balls per bowl] [RM1.80] - Surprisingly, this big ball texture does not stick to my teeth, and it's very easy + delicious to eat. yummm )

( Big filled Tang Yuan [INSIDE] : With enormous Peanut paste inside ! It simply stimulates consumer's taste bud due to the good quality of peanut paste that they have applied in it ! )

( Small balls of Tang Yuan which cost RM 1.70 per bowl , comes with different colors - if you are lucky enough to get it :P )

 ( Hello lil tang yuan ballz , shine bright like a pearl  )

 ( TangYuan soup are Ginger based ! It's good for health, definitely ! )

* Oh ! and below will be ... *
( Dry traditional snack , Mua Chi [ 麻芝 ] , small plate RM2.40 , big plate RM3.00 )

Overview: It's good to have this hawker store around in our life because "our" (Chinese) foods tradition are dying mainly because we tend to ignore the importance of keeping our tradition alive. However, i believe that the inner flames of the owner who runs the TangYuan/MuaChi store - definitely able to make the future generations to remember our traditional food/snack/dessert !

Anyways, the owner of the hawker store are skillful enough to produce their TangYuan and MuaChi to achieve perfect consistency , elasticity and maximized taste!

Well, some of you might ask or curious about the quantity of the TangYuan BALL together with the price , all I can say is they did an excellent job on balancing the quantity of the ball and the price which is simple to say => 1 to 1 ratio [1:1] , not too many-not too little and yet, the price are reasonable for customers to make a payment .

--> Be advised that TangYuan are best consume while it is still hot !
Lastly, why not give it a try and comment below on what you think about this matter :)

                     Jalan Batu Nilam 3, Bukit Tinggi, 41200, Klang, Selangor.

Operation Hours : 7.30pm until 10.00 pm

Price: -Big with Filled Tangyuan(Rm1.80)
         -Tangyuan [small+original] (Rm1.70)
         -Muachi Small plate (Rm2.40)
         -Muachi Big Plate (Rm3.00)

Call for reservation/ INFO: 0126013949 (H/P)

Rating: 4 out 5

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