Your summer needs ! #1

Monday, August 05, 2013

Cherry Cheese Dessert best consume during hot summer days !

Ingredient(s) are:
-Ginger biscuit, or any biscuit will do( i used the Tiger Biscuit)
-Honey (Optional)
-125g Cream cheese [Room temperature*]
-Greek Yogurt or Natural Yogurt
-vanilla essense
-Icing Cereals
-Cherry !

*Note that you may notice why i do not provide specific weighting for each ingredients used except for Cream Cheese, because during the process - i  taste while making it, adjusting the taste according to my taste bud's need , so, in a nut shell, it is up to you whether you want your dessert to be over-power or not? in terms of taste.

1- Crush your biscuits into fine bits, to ashe. LOL , place them into the glass, 1/3 of the glass will do.
2-You may add thin layer of honey or any other puree if you wish to~ otherwise , dont.
3-Add Cream Cheese, Natural Yogurt, sugar, and vanilla extract into a bowl, mix them till they are incorporate. Then pour them into the glass.
4-Finish it off by sprinkle few icing cereals and top up a cherry on top of it. DONE !

To be honest, the upper part can be anything, for instance whipping cream, fruits or etc. , depend on one's taste bud.

 See ya !

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