Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey, what'dup readers - Here's another new blog post as of December.
A post regarding Singapore. Nothing much, only pictures could express a thousand words.

Sea in between Johor and Singapore.

Traffic congestion

Someone who is managing the guest's seats.

Singapore's public transportation (MRT/LRT) has become essential and beneficial to their citizen as well as for the tourists.

X'mas Sales.

Fascinating street market like never before.

Capturing lightstreak in Orchard Road, but still have long way to go.

Tourists, citizen enjoying Orchard Road street due to celebration of Xmas Eve.

A group of vocalist(s), sang Xmas Song.

OMG, a PS4 booth in Orchard Road where everybody can play!

Look similar to Clarke Quay...

I could see some architecture design under the bridge, brilliant - if only I take photo from different point of perspective ^^.

Merlion !

Gardens by the Bay



Night life in Clarke Quay is awesome.

So basically, went there for 3 Days and 2 Nights.
Almost travel the whole Singapore thanks to the public transport's availability, efficiency and convenience.

Spent est:
 800SGD , that includes;

A) Accomodation for 3 days 2 night @ Fragrance Hotel  []

B) Food & Drinks :
-[Basic Needs]Average cost: 3-6$, Chicken rice, Soup Noodle & other local cuisine)
-[Craving/Unnecessary] Average Cost: 1-20$, on ice cream, White wine & other delicious desserts)

C) Transportation
15SGD for a transportation card similar to Touch'n'Go, able to use for bus and SMRT/SLRT, last for 3 days!

D) Items
Items such as bag, shirt, and any other related will cost from 5 to 25$ SGD if you are on a budget, otherwise ...

Author's note:
I personally think that, 3D2N is not enough for me to enjoy this trip, its way to short for me whereby I need to visit so many places in one-go.
Streets, city and town hustle at all times because it's a high density country- its sort of "alive" even though it is late at night which makes me like it.
Public transportation in SG makes every one's life easier to live in because it is convenient to move from one place to another.Speaking of public transport, I remember when i arrived in a station, I saw one young man was trying to pick a fight with an old man, I think that the old man hand-held item triggered the young man temper while walking in the crowd, the young man pissed and strip off the old man's hand-held item.
This has lead to seeking crowd's attention...
Safety wise, I do not have to worry much when walking around in a crowd blindly with my phone on my hands :) however, danger can happen at any time and any where thus, no one should let their guard down. On the other hand, r  lots of *random wild* immigrant living in SG which makes me think, what the hell happen in Singapore right now? This issue had give me a similar thoughts or impression like what I towards Malaysia, Overall, Singapore is still a better country than *you know what country with famous black-out tricks*

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