Artisan Roast Coffee, TTDI

Friday, May 16, 2014

What should you do if you are after facing a tight-line schedule? Grab a stick of cigarette? 
No. -"Cigarette(s) be like, "SHHHUUSSHH, you are leaving this world soon..." "

So, why not redeem yourself with a cup of coffee.


I went to try out coffees in Taman Tun Doctor Ismail (TTDI) - Artisan Roast Coffee,
which was placed near 1 Utama and is closer to the Penchala Link.
This cafe was placed in a strategic location whereby it is surrounded by variety of shop lots that are able to attract customers into the cafe.

Artisan's target market most likely ranging from Teens to Senior Executive, Locals to Foreigners.

Not to mention that, getting yourself a car park doesn't seems to be in your favor during day time (which is the peak hour(s) for every shops there), unless you are planning to drink coffee at night~

Artisan Roast Coffee -front view!

Remember I mentioned about getting yourself a PROPER car-park in peak hour(s) is flustering? Try double-park in front of the shop...

Below will be picture of WHAT's inside the Artisan Cafe.

With one step forward, first thing that caught everyone's sight is the pastries in the chiller.

Order HERE!

Don't Worry, Drink Coffee

The types of blend use to brew the beverages.

I love the coffee chart.

Various roasted beans display on the shelves for the customer to spot-on.
Artisan Roast Coffee did handbrew their coffee beans!
Red Espresso

They use Mirage Triplette at Artisan TTDI to extract the espresso. The machine operates with semi-automatic functions.

Apparently, the staff will serve right on your table right now !

The atmosphere inside the cafe is relaxing with huge art work on the wall, with small tables placed around the space.
However, I prefer the outside environment of the cafe whereby you can sit down, relax and enjoy your  coffee with the presence of natural light !

Red Latte - RM 10.00 ; I love it because it gives out the tea aroma although the beverage has been mix with steamed milk!

Cheesecake - RM 10.00 ; I love the cream cheese texturing, the chocolate layer and the cheese cake.  

Spinach mushroom quiche - RM 7.90 ; how i wish they serve quiche lorraine !

Caffe Latte! RM10.00

This makes the threee of it ! From the left, Caffe Latte, Red Latte, and cheese cake.

Last but not least, the Americano RM 6.00 ; i could feel a glimpse of spicyness (taste) in the coffee. Or maybe not.
That's about it ! I did enjoy have coffee(s) there, especially the Red Latte, the aroma did stained in my taste bud for eternity and it was really recommended to chill with buddies over there!
The environment is crazy and the location is phenomenal when you can simply just leave the cafe for the nearest shopping mall which is OneUtama.

Oh by the way, Artisan Roast Coffee in TTDI is hiring ! If you are interested, do call them at your will.

Cafe Information.

-Opening Hours:
Mon to Friday : 0800 to 0000
Sat & Sun : 0900 to 0000
Holidays : 0900 to 0000

-Cafe Contact:

4 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14

Map Navigation :

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