Three Little Pigs & THE BIG BAD WOLF

Monday, May 19, 2014

When the sun goes down and the Pigs go home, the BIG BAD WOLF comes out to play... 
That night was interesting, so I'v decided to visit the wolf and hear what it has to say about the pigs.

Three Little Pigs & THE BIG BAD WOLF is located in the Bangsar Village 1 mall, 
it can be access by two doorways:
a) Via Bangsar Village 1 grocery mart. (Nearby the poultry section)
b) Via Bangsar Village 1 's parking lot. (Outdoor)

Inside the grocery mart.

Inside the grocery mart, it looks like this.

Otherwise, from the outdoor which is...
Front view via Outdoor Parking of the BV1.

Did not expect that many willing to hear what the wolf has to say about the pigs.
Waiting and waiting and waiting.

The restaurant provides a small space for the guests to settle down temporary while waiting to be seated by the restaurant manager.
Loving the interior, decorated with wallpapers and some props to keep us cool down.

Waiting area of the restaurant.

Right beside the waiting area, is the wine chamber. Wide range of wines available for sale.
Not to mention that, they promote their wine at a attractive rate everyday to attract the consumers.
*Rates are set according to the wine variety.

Wine Chamber.


The restaurant's bar!

The restaurant's menu.
 That night, I ordered:
-1 salad = ( Tonkatsu Salad)
-2 pasta(s)  = ( Alien Invasion) (Crispy Soft Shell Crab)
-1 burger[Main] = (Piggy Mighty Burger)
-1 rice[Asian] = (Pig Rolling In The Mud)
-1 dessert = (Divine Chocolate Sundae)

Alien Invasion (Creamy sauce floods around the spaghetti along with the slices of pork sausages and mushroom)

Piggy Mighty Burger ( Burger itself consists of sunny side up, pork patty, lettuce, cheese, mayo. Serve along side with fries and marinated salad)

Pig Rolling In The Mud ( Rice which served with pork slices and vege(s) - cover up with Japanese Curry)

Crispy Soft Shell Crab ( Similar to Creamy Carbonara, but this one is special with the crispy soft shell crab)

Tonkatsu Salad (Lettuce, Corns, Pork Slice, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions - dressed up with Teriyaki sauce + sesame oil )

Divine Chocolate Sundae (Vanilla ice cream glazed with chocolate and caramel syrup and topped with chopped peanuts)
I'm amazed that the restaurant was able to deliver food on my table way below than the expected waiting time despite the high turnover during peak hours.

The food in the restaurant are delicious, enjoyable and comes in great portion which satisfy the stomach capacity.
However, I personally think that the Divine Chocolate Sundae is a shame.
Wish that the restaurant can replace this menu item with Chocolate Molten Cake - that can be purchase in Chilli's restaurant - having Divine Chocolate Sundae in the restaurant might have the tendency of getting no sales at all in the dessert point of view, unless they increase the portion of it.

Moreover, if you want to have a drink session with friends or family, the restaurant also provides outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Another matters that hits silently was this awesome reserved seats for special guests. 
Private space dining, zoning you out from others.

 The price to dine here is reasonable and worth every penny you spend on it.

Restaurant details:
 Bangsar Village (03-2283 2270)
- Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm

Before I forgot, they have another one in...
Tropicana City Mall, PJ (03-7722 3561)
- Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

##Pigs(Brunch/Lunch): Early - 6pm
##Wolf(Dinner): 6pm - Late

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