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Monday, May 19, 2014

Do you remember those days when we were an infant?
Though there's no memories of us being a baby kid,
We grow up as the time pass,
Time flies as we are eating, sleeping, playing ... or probably whining for new toys...?
At certain point, whereby we'll start to think about future.

Do you remember the days when we were a TOTAL strangers?
Those days when we had no details of both of us.
We started to know each other by breaking the ice, 
we talk, we share, we work ... to the extend that we share joy or sorrow together?


Back then, do you recall how our nature look like?
Are they green or perhaps ... soaring skyscraper(s)?
How about the environmental odour? Thick fragrant of lively flora(s) or thick smoke shells surround around our lungs?

Best part of the past was, having no technology gadget(s).
Those days when we assume that having food is the best.
Greennnyyy scenary.
Wind whispers.

We all know teaching is best for all,
Everyday, people rise and fall around us.
Those who obey acknowledge light.
Those who disobey... probably acknowledge darkness.

Wealth? Does that word even exist previously?
All we knew was self-disciplinary defeats wealth.
Wealth is just an act as a symbol of meaningless crown.

What more when there is no need for us to shoulder responsibilities.
Keep calm, seat back and relax.

**Image was taken back on 2010/2011

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