Intern-ship Life In Pangkor Laut Resort!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It been awhile linger in this segregate island,
A privately owned island by YTL, in Pangkor Laut.
The resort itself amid by the strait of Malacca and nestling within the nature that
can seclude oneself into a deep serenity and tranquillity.

The new Check-In point located in Marina Island Jetty Complex @ Teluk Batik.

Guests and Staff required to take the speedboat in order to get into the island. Speedboat featuring dual Yamaha In-Line Four Stroke outboard.
A quick snap shot from Pangkor Laut Resort's Jetty.
Snap shot of Pangkor Laut Resort during the night.
Working my ass off for 5 months to fulfil my Internship quest given by my University.
Set my fatty foot here on the 5th of August and I leave once for all before Winters-day.

Best of Sea Villa during sunny day

Garden Villa(s)' geographical makes every guests convenient to connect with facilities.

Leo Boutique, sells branded item from Italy and it is duty free. However the price is ridiculous- no offence. 

Hill Villas that erect at the cliff of the hill side, flourish in nature- to the extend it might be invade by natural predators. 

A fantastic view from the top @ Hill Villa.  Perfect for 180 degree panoramic photography. 

On the rock of Sea Villa, it was a beautiful hue gold over the rocks.

I begin my first industrial training by letting myself loose in the Housekeeping Department.
Follow up by gaining exposure in the Front Office and Food & Beverage department.
Each department that I went through, last for 7 weeks of training session.
I remember its my day-2 of cleaning those villas one by one under raining conditionsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Making of towel art for those love-birds.

Flower Bath decorations.

Flower on the Bed decorations depending on occasions (Honeymoon/Birthday/Anniversary)

When guest return favour to you.

Drew a few greeting cards when I was free in the office.

Guest Staff came in to offer healing for free. Heal the pain by touch.

That feeling when you finish your job :)

Well, the only department that I have chance to use my mobile for photography purpose
is in Housekeeping.
It was tiring as well as had fun with others!

Below will be pictures of what I had did & went during my free time.

Pangkor Laut Resort is well known for its Spa treatment. Not only its Spa Treatment got its fame, the environment of the place as well received reputation for being magnificent!
Spa Village's infinity pool, exclusive for Sea & Spa villa's guests.

This place is comfortable as bliss as if it is in Heaven. Well built architecture never fails to uphold the beauty of it!

The Bath House Experience.

I also had the chance to enjoy Sunset Cruise with the approval of my superior!
Sunset Cruise uses Chinese Junk Ship/ Oriental Ship to accommodate to the maximum of 14 to 16 pax.

Consists of lower and upper deck.

Canape and free flow of drinks are ready inside.
During the tour around the island, The expert will explain about the secrets behind Pangkor Laut Resort's past.

Went to Emerald Bay in Pangkor Laut Resort for the first time, and they were setting up
for the private dinner requested by the guests.
Chapman's Bar @ Emerald Bay which serve Lunch & transform into night bar after 2000 hours as well as provide private dinner for whoever who requested in advance.

Table settings on the beach.

Emerald Bay award winning beach in Malaysia, due to its geometry and its beautiful tidal wave as well as one of the perfect place for sunset sightseeing.

Other than that, after work, I went into the jungle trail which located nearby the Spa Village of Pangkor Laut Resort~~
Entrance board!

Hmmm. Which path should I choose?

Well crafted-stairs.

Almost to the exit ! Emerald Bay!

The resort island was way too restricted to have any staff to enjoy the facilities... so....
Taking staff boat to the mainland would be a great idea when we need to.

Staff boat usually in Loading Bay. 

Marvellous View of the sunset during the evening when travelling to mainland with Staff Boat.

From the private island, taking staff boat to the mainland of Pulau Pangkor; Pasir Bogak is the place where the boat load and unload staff.

Rentals for vehicles.
Verdict for the rentals: Obviously during peak season, the price is high while off peak/season then it would be low. There are many rentals out there, better to make comparison !

Bananaaaaaa , i forgot the name of this menu item. @ Daddy's Cafe.

Exceptional view @ Teluk Nipah

Pulau Pangkor's most common dessert is the ICE KACANG/SHAVED ICE CREAM which worth about RM3.50 at highest market price among the F&B Seller. Anything beyond this RM3.50 would be disaster :P
Not to mention that, it is big portion as well :)

I miss eating Putu Mayam during my off day, it can be found at the road side [Specific time only!].

Besides, during my rest day, I took opportunities to discover several interesting spots with my colleagues.

Here comes the best part for tourist;

Dutch Fort @ Pulau Pangkor. (15 mins away from Jetty)
The entrance towards Dutch Fort.

Display of moderate size canon at the middle of this beautiful place.

Art for an art.

A small notes for visitors.

Then, these below, they are located at Sg. Pinang Besar, some where around the Tamil Kindergarden.
(8-10 mins away from Jetty)
Uniqueness of wood and aluminium cans crafting and art.

Fish made of wood !

The chinese temple, known as Fu Ling Kong @ Sg. Pinang Besar: (10 mins away from Jetty)
One and only, most famous and popular tourist spot.
Many locals come here to pray.
Mini Great Wall of China!

During the month of August, there's number of organizers organized a large event for a week called Pangkor Island Festival.
Everyday with different events in different venues. Not to mention that, the event runs in conjunction to school holidays.

Chinese Opera running in a School Hall.

Locals mentioned that this is their childhood foodies that is rare right now if nobody continue this legacy.

Moreover, I would like to promote this special place. A place where I usually express my thoughts with the owner during my free time. A place where you can chill around at low-cost, from evening up to midnight!
Its a cafe somehow, its not a cafe. The owner himself, who is sick of working in the city with large pile of assignments decided to escape from a hectic life and to open up a cafe right infront of his house. Its a hobby and a way to release stress, he mentioned. Profitable or non-profitable, it is up to the situation to stir up the fate. He make good use of his house's space and convert it into recycle-theme cafe, recycle-theme cafe which uses all recycle-only materials to enhance the appearance of his cafe. (That is he's Concept)
Bare in mind that, till today ( I Guess) , he does not have any name for his cafe. There's no signboard. The only thing you can discover this cafe is to get a cab towards Pasir Bogak, on your left, do look for a house/shop/cafe similar to this design with a wooden board with Wi-Fi sign at the front of his shop.
Located nearby a malay primary school. and it is 5 to 10 mins away from the Pangkor Jetty.
Note for his latest signature drinks.

One more interesting fact before I forgot! I found out a very special point of interest (Pulau Giam), so head up to Teluk Nipah during Lunar New Year. This is where you can actually cross from one island (Teluk Nipah) to another island (Pulau Giam) just by walking instead of taking boat. During Lunar New Year, the tide level is at its lowest point and enables tourists and locals to cross over for visit !

Remember, this is a "one-of-a-kind" event only happen every lunar new year, so set the date !

Author's summary:
-I wish I could tell more. Pulau Pangkor is a very nice island to getaway. Community within the island are great, no doubt. A place where you play, relax and work right beside the sea. IF you are planning to have fun in Pulau Pangkor, anytime will do especially during weekends - most of the time people will have a short trip there for 3D 2N, have fun beside the seaside with water-sport activities :)
There's one more place that I have not manage to discover because its out of my league and my colleague have no time to guide me to the place. This place is called Teluk Segadas by the locals, only most of the Malay locals know very well about it, so yea....

--As for the Pangkor Laut Resort, I genuinely think that it would be best to visit there as a guests but not a staff. The perks of being the staff in PLR is unexpected .... From  guest and  staff 's perspective view, I think that the price of the room rates does not justify the service in some reason. The most important issue to highlight was, there is no source of entertainment for guests that seek for entertainment especially during night. Despite having recognition as private / seclude / romantic island, the establishment should consider on adding additional products and services like what I've mentioned previously so that it is just the right amount of balance when it comes to product-value equilibrium. Those who worked there before will know how it works. Well, it's my own opinion to express words.

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