Trip to Bali, Indonesia (2014, Dec)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Would like to blog about the previous experience in Bali, Indonesia back in the year 2014, December. 
Somewhere near New Year Eve, I remembered.

Mother booked the Resort + Flight(Air Asia) 6-month in advance.

The resort that we stay called Sahaja Sawah Villa, Bali, under promotional offer by Groupon MY
 ---> Click ME <---
For 4 Days , 3 Nights.
**The promotional item is different in the link above, we stay in a Private Villa, not the duplex that offered by the link above. Private Villa is more grand compare to the duplex room**.

Places that we visit : Ubud -> Tabanan -> Uluwatu -> Kintamani

So, on Day 1 - Woke up early to get into the airport KLIA 2.
Its my first time here, I love the neon lights around the building ~
Airplane enroute to Denpasar, Bali took about 2 hours approximately, also depending on climate conditions.

As soon as we landed there, it is already noon. Bloody hot over there, the heat is not the same as what we experience in Malaysia.
I remembered, on the day itself, is the Balinese's  traditional festive season. Jeez, traffic congestion every where. 
It took about 2 hours from the airport to the villa. 
What worse was ... the road over there is narrow and damaged.

During the journey, snapped some pictures.
Paddy fields are common in Bali. Their source of income and food productions

A Balinese looking further to see his path way...
At last, the resort that we are looking forward to stay!

5* Sahaja Sawah Villa

This is the reception, the driver will drop the guests at this point for check-in process before proceed any further. We met the friendly local, assisting our luggage into our villa.

View from our Villa.

As we were curious about Kopi Luwak, we headed to Ubud, to find for a Coffee farm.
Here's what we got.
As you step into the farm, you listen and follow the steps of the Balinese rhythm... He's behind those instruments 
The staff guided us throughout the farm areas. Explaining every details.
At one point, the staff will bring their guests to a hut, and have sample of every fluid.

Varieties of fluid to test, as well as free banana fritters- golden crisp!
 After the coffee farm, we left. Stuck in the traffic once again, took some random shot.

Ubud also well known for their market.

Love this candid shot of stranger snapping pictures.

One of the best shot !

Hindu lord in the middle of the road !

Then, we left for this place, another marvellous view to visit.
Levels of paddy fields.

Art for sale, art for sale !

Tourists drop-by to have some lunch at the hill-slide as well as enjoying the beautiful view.

If you are looking for buffet on a misty hill, Kintamani is the one.
Its not that cold.

Buffet restaurant, whereby you enjoy Balinese buffet.

Somewhere around Ubud again, a very famous temple around. Many people came here during the hindu festive season, to cleanse themselves with the holy water within the sanctuary.
Entrance to the temple.

Cleansing !

Tree of al-mighty

A random black & white shot in the temple.
 Ubud also well known for its Elephant Temple/Park.

Symbolic icon.

The protector told that during the past, teachers and student went inside this cave to learn something new.

Looking for something even more impressive? Head up to Uluwatu temple !

As you walk, you begin to see more ...
This is the place.

The color of the Sea is amazing in live time !

Power of photography perspective, Mini Great Wall of China.

Close-up shot with the monkeys.

Inside Uluwatu Temple.

One of my best candid shot. I love this.

Tabanan, another place for famous temple and market.

Luwak is sleeping.

Roasting Coffee Beannsssss

The amount of people exist in Tabanan's greatest market/ temple !

Local selling their product.

Ebb and flow.

A little smaze around this cliff.

That's all about it, a short blog post about my Bali trip during the last December. I can never forget how bad is the traffic over there especially during peak season. I felt that, I literally spent most of my entire time in the car just to get from one place to another...
Nice to see tourists around, some tourists were expert, they live in Bali - IDK how to explain this, but once you get there, you will understand what I meant.

Gentle reminder, before leaving Denpasar airport, be sure to have 200,000 rupiah in hand for the security and custom check.

Any mistake that I have posted, just drop a comment below and I will amend it.
Take care, good bye !

###Things that you most probably will be wondering?####
Average Expenditure in Total:
- Food & Beverages : 100,000 to 250,000rp /person one day. (Something local and basic)
- Driver cost: 700,000 rp full trip for 3 days. Under the hotel. (Negotiation if require depending on your travel objectives)
- Entrance fee to several tourists' location : 5,000 to 75,000 rp per person per entry.
- Fashion : Unable to state here because different dealer, different price.
- Souvenirs : Up to 200,000 and above. (Optional)
- Tipping if necessary: 100,000 to 300,000 rp (optional)
**Do the foreign currency conversion rate yourself as this has already grinded my gears during the trip.

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  1. Love the post about Bali, some suggestion to visit Bali is avoid peak season which is fell on july and december. try also care about the accommodation area to stay!

    1. Hello there, thank you for drop-by at my blog!
      Yes, july & december is the worst month for the tourists to travel around in Bali.

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