Hidden & Scattered Cafe(s) around Bangsar!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Bello, in this post, I would like to share my experience on hopping THREE cafes in one day, that scattered around Bangsar ! Not to mention that, this post will be simple and short, so yeah !
The cafe(s) are:

->PULP by Papa Palheta
->Lorem Ipsum

  • PULP by Papa Palheta (Jalan Riong)
    I really love the infrastructure of the cafe because it has "factory-like or warehouse" sort of look to it.

This is the front door of the Cafe. Cool isn't? I have seen lots of instagramers took portrait nearby!

 As I entered, I saw tables but the thing is, the placement of the counter is at the middle, open-concept whereby everybody are free to walk-through.

Walk to the middle to order your desire menu items ^_^

Oh yeah, besides selling drinks, they also sell light pastries right beside the ordering counter.  

PULP sells varieties of coffee beans that cater the needs of any consumer's preferences. Every coffee beans has their own characteristics and their own pricing. You can also request for coffee beans supplier as they do provide these service to another cafe business.

PULP also accept any guests for cupping session on Every Friday only. For more information, please do drop-by for further inquiries.

Different type of brewing method also available in PULP !

I love cool stuff !

Best part was, you can eventually get near to the barista and see how coffee are done perfectly with passion <3
As I mention, the whole place is walk-able !

I ordered (1) Flat White of Nuts + Bolts varietal , (1) Latte of Throwback varietal and (1) Carrot Cake ! Carrot cake was da bomb !

iPhone 6's Photography.
 And.... For more information about PULP by Papa Palheta, you can refer to the image below:

  • DR.inc (Jalan Kemuja)
From PULP to DR.inc only took about 10 minutes via vehicle. It is easy to find a parking spot but the shop is slightly hard to detect. So you will need to walk nearer in order to detect the cafe.
At first, we thought that DR.inc is pronounced as "Doctor" then follow up by the pronunciation "inc/ink?"
But the truth is, it is pronounced as "Dr-inc" , well , you can say it is exactly the same as "Drink" pronunciation.

Front entrance of the DR.inc 's Cafe.

There's outdoor seats if anybody wants to.

Sort of special when DR.inc cafe also sell tableware and several types of seating products which are handmade.
Items for sale!

Large table for bigger group.

Here's where you order your menu items. The Barista is kind enough to twist your day into a better day.

The purpose of visiting DR.inc is to try out their coffee-based signature drinks. There is a list of of signature drinks at the counter, if you are still undecided on what to try, you could search for DR.inc review over the net.
Otherwise, the barista would be happy to assist on your preferences.
I ordered the Che Guevara at RM 14. This signature drink consists of three different element. First element that you will encounter in your taste bud is the utmost prominent component (Espresso over ice cubes) then follow up by hint taste of lemon's acidity and touch of brown sugar.

I also ordered a pastry which is Peach apricot, unfortunately I did not take a picture of it.
It is nice to chill in DR.inc because the environment is very different compare to the other cafe that I have visited before. The staff in DR.inc is also very friendly to assist you. Nice place if you seek for something unique, yes?

  • Lorem Ipsum (Jalan Bangkung)
Lorem Ipsum applies the concept of speakeasy into the cafe. So....
To access to Lorem Ipsum, I would suggest you to refer to other blogs that is available over the net because they provide you the hints on how to access into this cafe. This cafe took us 15 minutes after we step down from the car and wandered relentlessly around the shop lots because there is not signboard for this cafe.

The interior of Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a place for those people who love art painting ! They have weekly art painting event on every Friday with a cost stated !

Quite chilling huh?

I love this shot the most.

 Unfortunately, the Cappuccino that I have ordered is disappointed due to the milk foam is very dry. But hey, they do provide small bites for you at the side of the coffee cup !

After visiting Lorem Ipsum, I wish other cafes also practise the concept of speakeasy and apply into business. This is where coffee enthusiasts gets even more real on exploring cafes around Malaysia !

That's all, bye. 

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