Malaysian Barista Championship 2015 #2015MBC

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Earlier this year (January), there were top 16 finalists
of Pro-Barista around Malaysia, 
gather on one hosted event, to compete a spot for
 themselves to the next level which is participating in 
WBC 2015, represent Malaysia 
Seattle, WA
Washington State
Convention Centre
[April 9 to 12th, 2015]

So, I went there on Saturday morning where the top
16 finalists is competing @ Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
 It was not flood with spectators which is nice.

This is the stadium for the top 16 to show off their skills. (Front Entrance)

In case anybody have not taken their breakfast, there's always food trucks service standby to feed your hunger.
Quick breakkie for spectators and for the competitors!
 As I entered the building, first thing first that I saw is the Top 16 Finalists Board.

A board showing their quick profile and which cafe they are working for.
 In the stadium not only fill with just stages and juries, but also some booth set up by the companies to promote their product for those who are interested !

DaVinci and their famous syrup on show.

DaVinci's products.
 DaVinci's competitor, which is Monin serving the similar product to the consumers.

Monin always in action where ever I went for exhibition / convention or tournament events !
Walked around and I came across to this beastly coffee bean grinder. 
Fiorenzato F64 Evo? If Im not mistaken =.= !

Then, if you are looking for premium type of coffee machine that produce premium taste, high-end machine, Coffex coffee introduce you to this machine. However, I forgotten what is it call.
 Staff and volunteer(s), taking good care of every booth that has been assigned :)
To introduce new people into coffee world or to make friends with coffee enthusiast.

Things get more serious when speaking of Barista Competition !
Barista(s) required to prepare each coffee categories:
 -Espresso shots
-Espresso Based, Signature Drinks.

So, there will be, Sensory judges and technical judges around to inspect the competitors during the event.

MC Shaun Liew questionned about the competitor's condition and well-being.

Best thing is that there's a huge projector ! Easy to spectate !
 Nearer point of view....

Every move watched by spectators.
 Not to mention that....

There's always crew(s) behind all these amazing event.
To summarize things in a nut shell, this year MBC 2015 champion is
Jason Loo from the Red Beanbag!

Besides, The Red Beanbag will be selling coffee drinks by using the competition beans.
Below are the link for more details. (Depends on availability !)

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