Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream @ SS15

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Definitely its summer over here in Malaysia ! Its scorching earth and I felt as if I was burnt
and baked in the oven. One hell of a day, so I decided to drop-by to the nearest
ice cream parlour which is Sangkaya located middle of SS15. (Opposite Oregi)

 So, Sangkaya serves one and only premium coconut flavour ice-cream~ resembles a little bit
of thai ice cream concept.

Business Hour stated on the counter top.

Sangkaya begins to expand their business !

This is the menu item. Of course, I ordered the Signature one.


After, you receive your item, you can dress your beautiful and delicious ice cream with these toppings. They are FREE!

Wait patiently, take turns to do the topping.

The size of the ice cream is not what I expected, it has the size of my whole palm. But its okay because ice cream is best enjoy in standard-size portion.

I love the premium coconut ice-cream because it really has strong coconut taste in it. It really taste like a real coconut melting inside your mouth!

Not to mention that, there's free coconut water supply near the counter! GO GRAB FREE STUUFFF

I, also noticed something hanging mid-air.

Sangkaya @ SS15
Kapten, No 50, Jalan SS15/4B.
Opens daily : 12pm to 12am.
Close on Monday!

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