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Saturday, March 21, 2015

I've heard a lot regarding this cafe called Thursdvys @ Jalan Sulaiman, TTDI from friends
and also seen people posting tons of pictures of thursdvys over Instagram,
then I did few readings from other bloggers' review and decided to visit them on a fine evening.

Here, I'm at thursdvys started with the first snap shot at middle of the road before getting across to the cafe.
This is the front view of the thursdvys cafe, I believed the owner ventured the business with passion. The exterior of the cafe gives a hint of 3D design.
Moreover, they also did a little transformation to their entrance, a little tricky prism-like design.
Inside, thursdvys have all these shaped transparent-boxes nailed to the wall, where they take these props-decoration to another level!

One of instagramers' and picture fnatics' spot of taking pictures. If you seen #thursdvys on Instagram, then you will know what I meant.

Not to mention that, I love these outdoor seats with wood furnitures, customers able to enjoy coffees outdoor. I have seen people playing guitar over here. A very "self-treat at home" environment.

Look ! The interior design of this cafe! Cant see what I actually meant ? Scroll below.

Prism-like shaped interior design. 

Self-service in terms of, be at the counter then Order at the Counter and the employee will serve right to your table. Common style of services within the indie-cafes nowadays.

Since I visit the cafe in the evening, so I did not order their lunch menu items and the dinner menus are an hour away but I have another plan for dinner, so... I only order cakes and coffees.

Bottom left is the Captain Murphy @ RM 16/slice. Sponge cake layered on with icing cream (small hint of  pistachio) taste so good !
Top right: Cappuccino RM 10/cup.
Bottom left: Cronut RM5/piece. Dough that fried into crisp then final touch up with glaze of caramel syrup & the texture is puff pastry kind of texture.
Top right: Latte RM 10 / cup.

As I was slowly sipping my cup of coffee, one of their barista, friendly approached to me and offered me to try on their current research, in which beans are suitable for the dripping method ^_^

Baristas are configuring the grammage of the beans.

I wish I was more knowledgeable about coffee and its game but.... AHAHAHA, will learn more about it soon.

Verdict: Overall, not bad for a place to chill or have a meal on. The shop design charms a lot, that can attract people into it - especially the photographers. Price of the cakes and several menu items might be a little too high on average basis, but it's okay for those who are not price-sensitive or perhaps several locals got used to it.
Maybe next re-visit, I wanna try out their lunch or dinner menu items ! 


22, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday : 10am to 11pm
Saturday - Sunday : 9am to 12am
Business Close ON THURSDAY

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