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Friday, April 03, 2015

Hello, here's another simple review of a cafe that I hopped on, not long ago.

As a student of Sunway University, I'm grateful to speak that there are many
cafes operate around the area, hence it gives alternatives to students to decide
on where they would like to hop on to during their break time.

Here is the espression8 cafe, located one row behind MBL:HQ and it is
facing opposite of Rock Cafe Corner.

espression8 cafe front view perspective.

Daily special written on the board to attract any pass-by-ers.

Simple interior design, finished off with nailing steel grill wall and wallpaper to the wall as a gallery.

Colorful sofas and rectangular table.

Maybe, you can choose to sit facing the glass panel with the wooden furniture and plants on top of the wooden table?

Mini love-locks can be found near the counter ! You can even place your locks over there too!

"Highway toilet" signboard detected ! Felt like being on the high way road, right?
Personal pointer: I do not feel comfortable as the toilet is "too-wide-open" in terms of space, straight to the hall, so weird if you complete your business, come out from it and there's this "awkward" moment when everyone look at you for a moment.

Pick-up counter!

Stair, access to top tier of seat.

On-board menu ! Don't worry, the server will provide you with a list of menu.

espression8's barista on action~

Cakes & beverages chiller.

Latte ; light bodied beans in-used, sweet, smooth in taste.

Check-out their signature beverage - Signature Mocha by espression8. Balance of sweet and espresso bitter-ness.

Big Breakfast comes with ham, sunny-side up, scramble eggs, toasted bread, sausage, hash brown and portobello mushroom.

Omelette, red beans, tomato , two slice of bread. 

Chicken breast served with one scoop of mash potato and vegetable.

Seasoned Caesar salad served with chicken slices, topped with Parmesan cheese and dressing at the side.

The Chicken Breast menu item portion disappointed me a little. However, the rest is good and the price is reasonable that may lure the students into the cafe. I hope to see their new special in terms of beverage because Signature Mocha alone might not be enough of alternative. Oh, by the way- Its Halal, pork-free !

No.8, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway
(right behind MyBurgerLab HQ// opposite of Rock Cafe Corner)

Tel: 03-7497 4294

Mon - Sat: 10.30 am - 10.30 pm
(Closed on Sundays) 

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