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Monday, April 20, 2015

That moment when your day covered in sorrow, but your friends are there to embrace it.
From a cloudy gloomy day turned into shiny bright daylight, thus cafe hopping is best hop on a day like this.
So, I decided to visit Jam & Kaya Cafe due to friend's recommendation and rumors spread over the net...

It is easy to get there but discover the cafe on first sight is not easy because it is hidden somewhere inside a large structure.
We wander around clueless & It took us 2 to 3 round back to figure out where is the shop, then we found out that it is actually inside a sports centre!

Look for this sign on your right hand side, this is your entrance. Look for parking there is easy during weekdays before lunch hour. If its on weekend, well, depends on your luck!
To park there, it is RM 5 per parking spot.

When you enter, you will see the swimming pool at first sight, walk all the way opposite far end corner (Right) then you will be able to discover Jam & Kaya Cafe!


I personally thought that Jam & Kaya Cafe is a standalone shop which erected at the end of
a corner lot which can be easily seen by public, but it was a mistake. This cafe lies deep inside PJ Palms Sports Centre!

Here's the business hour hanging at the door!

Order & pay at the counter!

Doin wad u like is freedom, likin wad u do is happiness. So just do it

The ambient inside is pleasant enough to enjoy yourselves in it for hours but  it's not that spacious.

Bright & clean ambient leads to good photography which everybody seek for natural lighting!

Here's Jam & Kaya Cafe Menu list.
(All prices are quoted in RM & Subject to 6% GST)

Food & Beverage !

Corn Fritters taste better than expected especially there's caramelized onion & fried chicken sausage dressed with homemade tangy sauce which has hint of citrus and slight sweetness into it. 

Australian Big Breakfast ; I personally thing this dish can be more better or improvised, they can maybe replace the hash brown... Overall it is not bad.

Egg Royale, my personal favorite! The poached eggs poached perfectly such that the entire egg were perfectly coagulated, the egg yolk still remain like a water sphere without being overcook and melt runnily when poke with fork. Adding smoke salmon, is the key of attraction in this meal...

Agio Olio Vegetarian edition ; Has good stir-fried aroma, good food for vegetarians out there! Served with chopped garlic and fresh button mushroom.

Jam & Kaya Kampung Breakfast : Health conscious? Go for this menu item! I love the yogurt because it contains muesli oat which I personally always bought it from pharmacies. Protein, Carbs, Vitamin , whatever you name it.

Jam & Kaya's Pancaka (Signature) : Simple multiple pancakes topped up with slices of strawberries, blueberries and vanilla ice cream! Nothing unique to shout about...

Flat White

For me, the taste of the coffee indicates it has a moderate to heavy bodied however it also gives a little hint of acidity as well which I love it. Semi-sweet when it goes with milk based.

Baby mocha-cino!

Head to head size comparison!

Well, they do sell cakes at the corner!

Sorry for the poor picture quality above!

I love how a cafe setup their shop inside a unexpected building that can hardly seen from the outside, which makes everything looks hidden (but it's actually not). Great place to have brunch and coffee! Although the interior is not as fancy as the others but guarantee there's good lighting condition in there for food-photography purposes! Just a piece of advice, be there before lunch hour as the locals  might take over the whole place!

Jam & Kaya Café (Halal)
PJ Palms Sports Centre
No 1, Lorong Sultan,
 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact No.: 
016-667 5078

Business Hour:
Tues-Fri 10am-7pm; 
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm.
Closed on Mondays

Jam & Kaya's Facebook link:

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