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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Life gets a little upside down when you start aging, everything seems to pass so slow.
At times, its the other way round, so all you gotta do is to endure it.
Fly-day(Friday) has finally come, that I had set a date earlier - with high school friends on 
another hopping series again.

I chose to visit Ode Art Cafe @ SS 15 mainly because it is near from my university
and I gone through several reviews about the cafe before getting there. The best highlight of the cafe was about their price range , that is very low compare to other cafes!

So here it is :)

Ode Art Cafe is above Watsons, facing Subang Square !

Say Hi to little signboard over here.

Ode Art Cafe's announcement board for any passerby.

I was amazed by the interior design that was so amazing due to the beautiful artwork of arts around the cafe. I could not help myself, so I decided to make my order first before taking more pictures of the cafe's interior!

As usual, indie cafe 101 rule ; order & pay at the counter. Server will serve you~

Top Tier from left: Chocolate Chip Almond Cheese / Chocolate Mint Cheese / #Special# Lemon Cheese
Middle Tier from left: Red Velvet / Brownies / Carrot Cake
Lowest Tier : Beverages.

Then, each time you make a purchase at the counter, do remember to let the staff to stamp your Ode card for you! Once you complete the series, redeem them ! Terms & Conditions apply!

What is the success behind the artistic interior design of this venue?

I personally believe that attractive stuff definitely will attract the customers to walk in. By that, many effort & passion has to exert into it, anddd boom! The dimension now become collection of art gallery which is very astounding! 
Besides, they also featured a few remarkable artists/organizers to drop-by to have several art-related events!

There are some seats that are really cosy! So go pick good seats before others conquer them!

Apart from just able to see what Art really is, the cafe owner also enables customer
to express their heart via free-drawing/scribble on designated wall!
So, go grab the marker pen from the counter to express yourself in drawing form, at the wall.
Moreover, its apart of your memories too!

If indoor seats is not your preference, fret not, there's outdoor seats as well !

Down to the Food & Beverage;

Ode's Chicken Breast served with mash potato and salad with dressing!

If you are health-conscious but would like pasta for your stomach, go for the Fusilli pasta topped with broccoli! 

Health conscious? Go for the POWER Oat that comes with Peanut Butter & Banana! Tons of nutrient!

(Hot) Green Tea Latte! Very strong taste of green tea which suits my liking!

Cappuccino ! The cafe uses single origin- Sumatra. Light bodied , bright on acidity and gives out the hint of grapefruit & dry berries!

Carrot Cake !

#Special# Lemon Cheese Cake! The best Lemon Cheese cake I ever had! Lemon cheese acidity & taste has the right level for my liking and the texture of it is just nice!
Apart from being ordinary cafe, the cafe also host several events - do check them out on their Facebook *details below*
If you wish to showcase your artwork in the cafe, do contact them about it too~

I love the cafe concept which filled with arts all around, am looking forward even more with these kind of concept that really blow your mind. Moreover, the environment make you feel like home because its comfortable and cosy ! The price is reasonable too, those who is price-sensitive do not have to worry. However, getting there during day time ain't easy because the parking is very difficult to get. My best advice to you is, to park inside Subang Square instead of rounding for parking slot outside! 

Ode Art Cafe
No. 112, First Floor, Jalan SS15/4B, Subang Jaya.

Business hour:
Tue- Thur 8am - 8pm
Fri- Sat: 10am - 10pm
Close on Monday.

Telephone: 03-5612 0800

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