Sojubang 소주방 @ Sunway Mentari

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A recent, #throwback experience in  Sojubang 소주방 @ Sunway Mentari.

As the dusk strikes in, a friendly-tainted space where you can spend some quality time with your friends right after work or dinner.

This Sojubang 소주방 has been running their business for years and still counting, 
and not to mention that there's change of ownership too during their business lifetime which
guests might encounter several changes in the shop.

Sojubang located one floor above Fat One Steamboat!
Just in case if you don't want to drink with your empty stomach, Fat One Steamboat is there for you.

As you walk up to the shop, the typical korean shop room design. However, all of these props are no longer there. They had removed it and painted the walls in black.

The latest update of their door-way after recent renovation which made me stun for a moment. 

The interior of the Sojubang, with multiple designed cushion walls on the walls that overrode the previous scribbled walls that filled with memories.

After the renovation, I have to admit that the space has became a lot bigger than the previous one.
Means, more seats for more people.

Here are the menu, so you can decide first before heading to Sojubang.

From the menu above, you might find that several items' price totally absurd, in short, better not to call for it as you can get lower price in some other place. The only items that are best to order in Sojubang are Tteobeokki and the Drink Set!


Korean rice wine!

On the other hand, dude in black shirt celebrate his birthday! Good luck with your bracelet business!

Good hangout spot with friends or family, a place where you can drink and eat in a dim-cosy-environment. However, price of several menu items need to be lower because the current price is totally absurd! If you are planning to go there, please be careful as the level of safeness over there during late night is pretty bad. 

Don't drunk & drive. It's bad.

 Sojubang 소주방

Address: No.23-1, Jln PJS 8/17 Dataran Mentari, 46150.
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun:7:00 pm - 3:00 am
Contact No.: +60356113262

Last picture taken since 2013,Bye to the old Sojubang소주방 ㅠㅠ 보고싶어 메모리즈...

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