Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Nothing much but a simple post for today~~~

Was clueless on what to have right after a decent dinner, so I decided to drive around in the bustling SS15's shop lots. 
Fatbaby Ice Cream caught my attention and I have decided to try them out since they are serving ice cream!

FatBaby Ice Cream located same row as the newly open Oregi (A hookah bar and restaurant)! And opposite of FatBaby Ice cream will be their competitor, Sangkaya Ice Cream that serve unique coconut ice cream size of one human's palm.

My first impression when walking in was already mind-blown and heart-melted when the staff gave a warm welcome and their interior was simply simple contemporary design with lot's of hand-drawn board with chalks nailed to the wall.

Menu items and price list at the wall before purchasing.

There are several flavours in there, they allow you to try before you order. Just like every ice-cream parlour that allows the customers to try first before they make a final decision.

Love the clock design!

As I was waiting for my waffles, one of the staff is busy preparing for their staff meal. He did his best to stack the waffles properly so that the waffles tower will not fall.

The final outcome, and everyone was crazy about it! The customers around cheer for the success of the waffle tower and taking the chance to take picture of it!

Before I forgot, this menu item will not be available unless you make special arrangement with FatBaby Ice Cream's team!

My waffle with Early Grey and Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream!

Apart from Inside Scoop, this is another alternative spot to enjoy your ice cream ! Low turnover rate compare to Inside Scoop meaning you can sit and chill longer ! Great team can be seen! Weird part of their organization is that they planned such that the shop only opens on Friday to Sunday only, which I have no idea why they do so.

Address: 47, Jalan SS15/4b, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hour:
 Fri - Sat : 2pm - 10pm
Sun: 2pm - 8pm

Official Website: http://www.fatbabyicecream.com

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  1. Can you please help me get their number? I can't find their number anywhere on the Internet! :(

    1. Hi Kate!
      Unfortunately, the only way to get contact with Fatbaby ice cream is via email!
      Drop your message here http://www.fatbabyicecream.com/contactus/ !
      Otherwise, do drop-by at their shop for more in-depth inquiries !


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