Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Was there in Empire Damansara, alone - solo queue for the most anticipated Japanese honey toast in a small shop name called Haraju Cube, located at first floor of the mall.
Going in alone is easy to get a table for yourself because you don't have to find a table with more than one seat right or perhaps any and every table is the same so screw it - right?, but but but- its kinda sad, strange and awkward to savour this unique toast alone while most of the customers crave for the cube in couple or party.

Well, going there alone or in group doesn't really matter to me. What matters the most is about their best selling menu item.
I did not manage to take a picture of their menu, but their average price is around RM 25.00++ (the cube toast itself only) and plus the Haraju Cube's milk which cost RM 6.80 per bottle that comes in 3 different flavour respectively.

As for me, I ordered the Azuki-Matcha Honey Toast (RM 25.90) plus Haraju Milk Coffee flavour (RM 6.90), so, form the equation and you will get the total ! [Do not forget about the tax :) ]

Probably you wonder how to eat this huge block? Make sure both of your hands equipped with fork and knife, slice off any one side of the toast (the brown part where you can see from the side.) Take it off and enjoy!
 Honestly, nobody eat the bread skin and it taste as if its already infused with air which is a bit off-crunchy and texture.
The highlight of this foodie is when you fork into the middle, lots of love inside there :D
The smell of the caramelized honey loaf, covered with whipped cream and ice cream of your choice.

Almost lose my appetite half way through because of the amount of whipped cream is too much....

Overall is not that bad, just that remember to go in pair or bigger group so that you can finish the cube easily compared to a solo try hard to finish em'...which might feel sick of it after a few bites....
Price wise, slightly disappointed for the honey cube but I guess it was meant to be - but I have to admit that the portion for one honey toast is enough for a couple.
GO early if you want to enjoy the honey toast with comfort . 

Haraju Cube

Level 1, 
(Above Texas Chicken)Empire Damansara, 
Damansara Perdana,
 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Business Hours: 
Tue - Thu : 11 am to 11 pm
Fri - Sat : 11 am to 12 am
Sun : 11 am to 11 pm
Close on Monday

Contact: 016-6665973 / 010-2268592

Email: harajucube@gmail.com

Facebook: fb.com/harajucube103
Instagram: @harajucube

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