Wicked Pancake Parlour

Monday, June 29, 2015

Remember on my previous post on Yellow Brick Road, that I had mentioned something about the Wicked Pancake Parlour?
It is now open for business!
News regarding their new opening went viral over the net, and I have decided to pay them a visit during their soft-launch.

I will not go into detail on their "Behind-The-Scene" of their new opening, so everything you need to know about their lore behind this wicked sick crib, click the link below:

 The witch's den...

 Pretty nice I would say. Beautiful woods that place to the walls and the lamp lights which gives provide an image as if it does exist in any of the old abandon house. 

To cut long story short, as for now, its only one-sided page of menu list, so here you go.

We decided to order (1) Apom Terbalik, (1) Let's Salsa, (1) Chocoholic Anonymous and (1) Peter Pandan -- because we heard its fork-licking good!
 The name Apom Terbalik, you already knew that it some how derived from the word "Apam Balik" meaning turnover pancake that exist in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. The components are fairly great, it is almost 1:1 as the orginal version of Apom Balik however this one looks and taste more epic. Love it when it comes with gula Melaka syrup!

 Let's Salsa, a savoury pancake that Wicked Pancake Parlour has to offer. The taste of everything, as if having pizza in your mouth. Surprisingly everything mix well ! 

 Peter Pandan, loving the color of the pancake due to the food coloring used into it. A hint of pandan scent as you put the pancakes into your mouth and accompany with salted caramel ice cream and assorted of fresh sliced fruits.

Here's the Chocoholic Anonymous! Girls would love this because the chocolate used in a form of syrup, captivates your taste buds! Not too sweet nor bitter either, so try em'!

Wicked Pancake Parlour(Above Yellow Brick Road)
8-7, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

Weekdays: 4 pm to 11 pm
Weekends: 10 am to 11 pm
Close on Wednesday

Tel: 03-2035 5922

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yellowbrickroadcafe?fref=ts

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