Merchant's Lane 美真林

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Few days after Merchant's Lane Cafe grand opening, finally managed to create some free time for myself to pay them a visit :)
Honestly, it took me minutes to spot the entrance to the cafe due to the cafe aren't attractive-friendly, (cannot be spot by driving or from a distance).
So, you have to look up for this* stationery store, just beside ATC college. As you walk closer to the store, you are able to see a stairway to Merchant's Lane Cafe.

*Update- Merchant's Lane now built turquoise/teal wooden door at the entrance, look for it. It is easier to locate them now. 

Board that you should notice :)

As you walk up, first thing that you will see would be the rack filled with heritage props. Grab the menu, find a seat, decide the items you need and order at the counter.

 This entire property fulfill with heritage as well as several contemporary design to it, which what makes the business got into trend on the social medias platform. The whole idea of the owner of MLC, was to preserve the heritage element and to conduct the F&B business in here, moreover, the geographical location for the business is the key point which able to attract number of people into it.

 How do you control your excitement when this place is so cool?

 Instagramers be like...

 The interior and the furniture used, got me transverse back to the 80's.

Very homey and comfortable living hall which what makes the best place to chill for all-day-long.

Book that grants you the knowledge to unlock the ancient, forbidden ways of...(secret)

 Here's the menu, you can have a look here before you visit them :)

 This is Cappuccino at the size of 5 oz, RM 11.00. Noticeable berry and several citrus notes, smooth and creamy. 

Itadakimas Pancake at the price of RM 20.00. Its delicate when it has fried eggs, noodle crackers and topped on with cabbage, crispy beef bacon and served with BBQ and mayo sauce.

 Mini's Handcrafted Tea for 2 pax at the price RM 15.00 , give a unique flavor despite stated as Oolong tea. Reason why I'm hooked by this handcrafted tea was because there's a hint of cinnamon aroma within the liquid.

 Rose Honey Milk, RM 12.00 - Basically milk that mixed with honey and topped with edible rose petals. P/S: serve in hot and not so sweet as you think it is :)

 Gobber Cake, RM 13.00 - It may looks like a yam cake in general, but mind you that this isn't yam cake. To me, it has a tiny hint of Chinese moon cake taste and a little hint of Coca Cola taste in it. Overall, it was delicate to my preference !

Salted Caramel Cookie, RM 13.00 - Not many cafes able to serve a good salted caramel cookie cake. Here, in Merchant's Lane 美真林, serves the best salted caramel cookie cakes in Selangor. Every texture and taste of this cake counts! From crispy cookie, to the finest sponge cake...

So, just in case if you are somewhere around in Petaling Street, you might want to drop-by here for a quick relaxation, here is the place for you- staying away from the crowd of the market.

Merchant's Lane 美真林

No, 150 Jalan Petaling, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Contact Number: +60 3 2022 1736

Mon-Sun: 10.30 am - 8 pm

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