Somewhere Middle, Seremban

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Coordinates: 2.7167 N,  101.9500 E

Its been so long since I visited Seremban, so I thought that I should pay a visit to Seremban!
Honestly, Seremban does not have much point of interests like the rest of the province does, but their food are amazing(delicious and cheap!)

Besides, I decided to create this video since I'm on semester break now, so why not?
The video quality totally turned down my expectation because the iPhone 6 video quality under par/not compatible with my video editor settings, so yeah.

To keep things simple, below are the summarized of the entire one-day trip!

First thing first, in the morning~ would be visiting the
a)Pasar Besar Seremban

Bottom/ground floor would be the market, you obviously don't want that, so head up to first floor, whereby all the food stalls can be seen. Then, you will realized each signboard has their number, for instance, "733", "744" and etc. Search for 748, they sell beef noodle. I ordered the dry beef noodles which has sweet and semi-thick sauce, just nice for everything! However, it is slightly pricey to be honest!

b)Cultural Centre, Seremban
Nothing much here, as this place displayed their very traditional sets and architecture ~

c)Centipede Hill/Temple.
Weird huh? But, yes - legend has it, the hill named after two guys playing chess and accidentally saw a centipede underneath them. A temple as well, many types of statues can be seen.

d)Restoran Yi Poh
Yi Poh noodles, uses lou shi fun, mixed in black thick sauce and pork slices, gives off best satisfaction to your tummy.

e)Restoran Asia (Siew Pow, opposite Yi Poh)
This place is famous of producing good Siew Pow, yeah... some chinese pastries, which all the outsider will purposely come here to buy em.

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