White Brick Oven

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baker Mustaffa creates natural levain instead of manufacturing yeast in all of his product, from bread to scones, in his very own 'home sweet home' - along side with his wife, Mardia.
White Brick Oven is indeed way deep inside the residential area, where Waze or any navigation tools/apps are required.

The entrance to the house of the baker.

Seats are arranged under the porch.

Items are limited because they have no intention of making profits. They bake depending on their estimation. Some items might not appear, so you might need to make reservation before going there to avoid any disappointment.

Baker's workstation.

Mustaffa is the guy with white beard :D

Scones, soft pretzels, chocolate cakes and teas.

(Visit the Mill) White Brick Oven
1675a-1 Jalan Kubu Gajah,
Kampong Kubu Gajah,
Sungai Buloh, 47000,
Selangor Malaysia.

Mobile: 018-3503068

Opening Hour: Only on SUNDAY 3pm to 5pm (as per May)

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