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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Coordinates: N2 11.779, E102 14.818

I'm back!
In this post, I present you, my "solo-day-trip to Melaka".
Going on a day trip alone with a strictly-tight budget, seriously indeed poor due to financial issues unless there is a generous anonymous out there willing to donate some cash into my saving account :)
Reasons behind my Will to visit Melaka is because of their food which infused with the late Baba Nyonya-style that has explosive flavours when you eat them. On the other hand, their desserts are what I'm craving for during hot weather, especially the Gula Melaka Sago and Durian Cendol ! 
AND, the marvellous heritage architectures that last until today becomes a hot spot for tourists!

FYI, this post is a mini guide for solo day trippers, just like me, which I like to solo.
Not quite comprehensive, just a touch-and-go guide, which is simple, short and help to save time as well. 
Scroll down to continue further, otherwise exit.

Best time to visit Melaka is during weekdays obviously, and leave your house early in the morning!
I'm based somewhere around Klang Valley area, so I left my place at 9.40 in the morning.
Smooth traffic, sped all the way to Melaka via North-South Highway about 1 hour 45 minutes (that's just for reaching the boundary, not even at the hot spot yet!)
Another 20 minutes from Ayer Keroh (Melaka) to Jonker Street (Melaka) takes additional 20 minutes to bypass the traffic lights!

Exit at Ayer Keroh[Exit 231]

Some of you might be worried on where to park your vehicle? Thanks to a friend's advice, it is better to park your car at St. Paul Hill.
This is because, if you park somewhere near Jonker Street despite the ease of accessibility but as you leave the place, you might encounter traffic congestion on the way back home and you may need to scratch lots of Parking Coupons, depending on how long you stay!

St. Paul Hill parking charge by parking ticket (take ticket upon entry, pay upon leaving). Besides, St. Paul Hill is not far from Jonker Street! So, there's nothing to lose!

Below, I have categorized between places to visit and what to eat.

A) Point of Interest
Most of the point of interests are within walking distance.

1- A Famosa

My biggest mistake is that, I forgot to visit A' Famosa after I parked my car. A' Famosa located above St. Paul Hill, you have to walk uphill with your feet. If you are not interested, skip this part and scroll down.

Picture credit:

2- Christ Church Melaka.

Christ Church is an 18th-century Anglican church in the city of Malacca, Malaysia. It is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia and is within the jurisdiction of the Lower Central Archdeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia.

Heavy crowd from all over the world stop by at this place to take some pictures!
In front of the church, is the beautiful roundabout, planted with colourful floras.
If you need a ride around the town, there's trisaws standby at your service.

3- Fort Wall

This is also another point to take a look about. Cannons that are facing the Malacca River, symbolized something in the past.

4- Melaka Sultanate Watermill

RM 1.5 million to build Malaysia's largest watermill along the Malacca River. It is built based on the Islamic technology that can be found both Syria as well as China. This watermill is to represent the glory of Melaka.

5 - Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum

A replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. Staggering at 34 meters in height and 8 meters in width. The museum main focus is to bring back the golden age of the Malacca's Sultanate as Emporium of the East. There are several paintings which display the past...

6 - Hokkien Huay Kuan

A gallery within Jonker Street, open its door for the visitor to visit and have a look at the chinese culture. This place is also a school of arts & cultural.

7 - Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
One of the finest Chinese temple that survived the ravages of time, a fact underscored by an UNESCO award for outstanding architectural restoration. 

8 - Chinese Wording on the wall.
I find it interesting to have this chinese wording at the wall. This backdrop definitely pretty for pictures. Can be found opposite of the Melaka Sultanate Watermill.

9 - Taman Warisan Dunia Jonker Walk

Just a small garden for others to visit, because there are number of statue to take picture with. Public toilet also available for those who need it :)

Mural Art.

As I was wondering around the streets alone, I stumbled upon the mural arts that done by anonymous which I think its pretty creative. A perfect backdrop for portrait or street photography. I have no exact address or location for these mural points, so you will need to walk around the Jonker Street to locate them. I believe there's more of it.

B) What To Eat?

As I mentioned above, I arrived on site in the morning. First thing first is to get yourself fill with energy.
Locals' best food in the morning in Melaka is by having Chicken Rice.
There are two places to have Chicken Rice.

1 - Chung Wah Coffee Shop
One of the most famous Chicken Rice restaurant around Melaka! Visitors dying for it, resulted in creating a long queue among the public. To me, I rather skip this and find another restaurant for the same product. If you have the patient to queue, continue to do so.

Otherwise, see No.2.

2 - Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

If you do not want to queue, Hoe Kee Chicken Rice shop offers the same product as shown in No.1
Large space, and there's many other side dishes to order as well.

Chicken Breast and chicken rice :)

A restaurant that is certified Halal for those customers who needed it. MAMEE restaurant mainly serves food related to noodles, western cuisine and ... perhaps rice-related food?

After breakfast, obviously your stomach can't take it any more food unless you have bulimia. - otherwise proceed to No.4 to continue.

4 - Jonker 88

This shop famous for their noodles as well as their wonderful desserts! Often full-house throughout the entire time of their operating hours. Is A MUST GO & TRY!

I ordered (one) bowl of main and (two) bowls of dessert for myself :)

Baba Laksa Kahwin Nyonya Asam Laksa. A peranakan dish which consists of rice noodles, deep fried bean curd, julienne cucumbers, ring onions, fish balls, bits of salmon meat served in half spicy curry coconut milk and half tamarind soup. Bright taste and the texture of overall in the bowl, ain't heavy. 

This is Sago Gula Melaka, 

Never forget the Baba Durian Chendol when you get there. One of the best selling item and something that you don't wanna miss it!

5 - The Daily Fix Cafe

I'm separating the cafe details in a new post : Read HERE

C) Souvenirs / Buyback items.

Outsiders like me, once in a while willing to travel thousand miles away ain't easy task to do.
To keep the memories a memorable one, get yourself some souvenirs!
As for me, I bought back a few Baba Nyonya Dumplings back home. 

Baba Nyonya Dumpling taste so good. They are similar to Zongzi, but they taste sweeter which I like it a lot compare to Zongzi.


Malacca is a place where it has the longest history of colonized by few countries ever since the 16th century. No doubt, variant of cultures had infused as one to form what Malacca had become today.
This place has become the number one spot for all the tourists whenever the word "Malaysia" has been mention during the conversation due to its rich in culture and diversity, delicious food and very homey place to stay around!

Before I leave this post for you to judge, here's the wallet damages.

i) Vehicle's Petrol with Full Tank on 1.6 cc, not so eco-friendly. Back and forth : RM 75
ii) Highway Toll KL - Melaka, Back and Forth in total of RM 36.20
:: RM 36.20 + RM 75 = RM 111.20

Initial Pocket Money - Expenses
a) Pocket Money : RM 90 (no additional withdrawal or whatsoever)

b) Expenses

b.i) Hoe Kee Chicken Rice:
->One Pax Chicken Breast and A plate of rice
 RM 8. 10

b.ii) The Daily Fix Cafe
 ->Durian Cake and Cappuccino:
 RM 12 , RM 10 (Respectively)

b.iii) Jonker 88
 ->Baba Laksa Kahwin Nyonya Asam Laksa : RM 7.40
 ->Gula Melaka Sago : RM 5.3
 ->Baba Durian Chendol : RM 5.3

b.iv) Hair band Accessory : RM 4

b.v) Pohpiah's Baba Nyonya Dumplings, FIVE : RM 24 1 bowl Herbal Tea : RM 2

b.vii) Parking upon exit : RM 5

:: RM 90 - 8.10 - 12 - 10 - 7.40 - 5.3 - 5.3- 4 -24 -2 - 5 = RM 10.90

End of the day, I have a positive balance of RM 10.90 inside my wallet despite carrying only RM 90 with me throughout the 6 hours of wondering around the street!
Besides, RM 90 is not the full potential to spend around the street and it only last till evening.
However, if I were to stay till night time for their famous Satay Celup, it might be slightly hard for me to bare with the extra expenses.

Anyway, thank you for reading my long post. Stay Tune.

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