Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Enthusiastic flock of sheep, working together as one, to deliver the best pastries as well as coffee & tea in town! Knowing that they had announced on their soft launch , I've decided to grab this opportunity to try them out :)

Wild Sheep Chase mainly serves freshly baked pastries, brunch and sandwiches, freshly brew coffee and tea.

To find for Wild Sheep Chase, suggest you turn on Waze navigation to lead you to this area. Wild Sheep Chase is located at the corner of first floor, without any signboard.

You will need to find this company logo at the ground floor entrance, definitely-this must be the place.
As you walk up the stairs, the entrance to the SHEEP will be on your left.
The courtesy of informing to the customers that the shop currently under beta phrase or soft launch by using chalks :)

Here are their workstation, where the passionate barista will brew the coffee and tea, at the back of it, would be the Team Sheep doing their pastries.
Their workstation reminds me of 46 by Project Gibraltar , which has the most white-color interior design all over it.

The space for the customers is pretty spacious, neat and clean with their modern furnished wooden chairs and tables that goes well with the white paint all over their walls.

Moreover, this cafe practices "green building" by erected large windows at the edge of their shop for natural lighting!
With the natural light penetrate into the building via windows, it hits the white paint walls and then the wall will reflects the light to give a brighter environment within the area.

One of my favorite spot in this cafe.

Black Coffee
Meet my black coffee price at RM 7. I have to say its quite heavy to my preference - dark and earthy.

Souffle (Notice: Please wait at least 20 minutes - 30 minutes)
Souffle priced at RM 15. This is the vanilla souffle that comes with grapefruit sorbet and a mini jug of maple syrup. Love the overall outcome of this product especially the souffle! At the top was crisp hard and it was soft custard in the bottom. It pairs well with their maple syrup as well as their grapefruit sorbet!
Look at the texture of this vanilla souffle! I'm mixing it with their maple syrup!

Looking forward for more pastries from the Wild Sheep Chase. 
Love the simple minimalist interior design of the shop. The customer service is excellent. Despite the seats are full, they try their best to accommodate you. Price is surprisingly affordable because there's no GST, service charge and government tax !

Wild Sheep Chase

Address: 6-1, Jalan 1/109E, Off Old Klang Road, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: Tue - Sun 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Email: getsheepmanhere@gmail.com

Wild Sheep Chase's Facebook Page:

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