Abode of Grace (Perak): Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coordinates: 4.8392 N, 100.6334 E

Previously, I mentioned about the book that I bought and its the chance for me to utilized it by going on a real trip rather than just staring at the book like nobody's business. The location written on the book seems legit, yeah, absolutely legit.

Departed from my hometown, took about an hour plus - to get to Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve despite using route (shortcut) that you can never imagine where Waze could possibly lead you to.
Seriously, the route that I followed is seriously hidden...

In general, Kuala Sepetang are known for their coal production as the source to the productions are from mangrove plants. The growth rate of these mangrove plants in Kuala Sepetang are pretty high in numbers too.
On the other hand, Sepetang Valley is a place for fishermen for making end-meets in their daily routine.
The moment I stepped out from the car, the first thing I could smell was the burnt coal, then my mind be like, "it would be great if we could enjoy steamboat by using coal now". Yes, I preferred steamboat using coal as heat source because it provides heat (obviously...) and it gives out an unique aroma or sensation that stimulates your appetite. 

I wish the mangrove could protect me from the rays of sunlight... It was warm on that day, got myself sweating endlessly till I get into the car! What's worse is when there's haze around too!

In the swamp, you won't be walking cluesless, fret not, there's several information boards erected along the pathway. You learn something new as you go.
Several boards were in severe damaged, what a shame, there's no maintenance to it as they are collecting cash upon walk-in entries.

I thought the entire walk-able area is small, little did I knew, it has long track. Took me 15 to 20 minutes to complete discover everything in the mangrove area. 

I did not know there are a few numbers of large-size hut deep inside the forest until I walked in.
These huts are designed for few purposes so it can fulfil the convenience of the guests, if applicable - otherwise the door remain shut at all times.

So, should you explore what's beneath your own homeland?
It all lies on your decision.
Well, its good if you have the initiative to explore the hidden jewels scattered around your homeland.
Well, its bad if these hidden jewels fall into public exposure and the beauty will decay over time.
You decide !

How to get there?
-Open Waze (Available in Android / Appstore), navigate Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Kampung Kuala Sepetang.
-Due to multiple duplication of location, you should double-check where it leads you, by dragging towards the final point & you will be fine.

At the entrance.
-Unfortunately, visitors must pay at the gate before proceed. At first impression, the fees per person is ridiculously pricey (RM 10 for an adult, if I'm not mistaken) (RM 5 for kids and seniors) ~
-For my case, you should approach to the staff in nice manner stating that the price is pricey, and slowly tell them that you are from [any part of the place in Perak] . 
-I'm not saying that lying is good but every trip deserve a proper budget, but hey, if you have no issue with the fees, then probably you may ignore this hint.
Also, the fact that I'm based from Perak ^_^

Upcoming post that relates to this;
Yes, there will be one more post which relates to the first Abode of Grace post and this.

-Taiping Lake Gardens(Posted on 4/10/15)

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