Abode of Grace (Perak): My Hometown !

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coordinates: 4.4500 N, 100.6333 E

Opportunity to take a shot in narrow road for vehicles.
A planned trip back to my hometown, just to evade from all the nonsense that I felt in the hectic life. The past two days over there were nothing but sense of belonging is still strong to me, after all - I'm originated from there originally .

-> Overview
This place is called Pantai Remis, where I used to romp all over the childhood scene, here. Those days were priceless and infinite because as a young and immature child, the daily routine is an infinite loop , for instance; eat, play and sleep - repeat. Happy go lucky and carefree, I would say.

Ah, I remembered my grandpop would purchase Vitagen in bulks just to make me happy, otherwise I would bang my head at the wall which led me as a slow learner today...
*Those who know me and reading this right now, you know how shi*t I am*
Speaking of headbutt, my mother told me that I managed to shattered the view mirror of a Volvo car last time LOL! even other family members supported to the evidence~~ gosh!
You know, the quality of a Volvo car is extremely high, that's why they are known for their safety features but hey, I managed to shattered one.

As years passed, the community grew which led to high density in this area. Never before there's traffic light in the streets but as I mentioned, as time passed, the area has gotten populated - traffic lights are built to control the traffic to avoid any fatal...

The best supermarket back then... No such company as AEON, Tesco or whatsoever.

-> Foodies
20 years down the road, the food has never change! The food sold here are mostly the classic ones, for instance; roasted pork meat, rice with kaya, steamed bread and so on. No commercial food and drinks sold here because its pricey. Any modern food that the seller trying to sell, most probably will be reject by the community due to their differs of lifestyle, income and perception towards contemporary food.

On my return, I manage to fixed my cravings such as roasted pork meat, Indian noodle of Chinese style, steamed breads and seafood!

One best reason to live here is the price of their food, super duper cheap! Nothing can beat down the price of rural areas! More over, food in every states, have their very own twist! That's the reason why you should backpack around Malaysia, to discover the vast of variation in terms of taste and aroma!

Apart from all above, this hometown of mine, specialized on seafood productions. Tons of factory exporting seafood products to all over the world. This business was lucrative a decade back but it seems to subside in recent context. Life is tough when demands from people change frequently.

The main transportation here are bicycle and motorbike. It is very convenient and cost effective as well, if you are traveling frequently from one distance to another.

There's one area caught my attention. Medium size wheat field and I decided to take some pictures!
Riding along the field is what you should do when you are in such place and environment! Also felt very fortunate to pick up riding skill on motorbike when I was age 14 - however, only allowed to ride in low dense area. *sob*

Time flies, people change.
Most of the neighbors that I used to know, relocate their home.
Good vibes decay over time and slowly this area is filled with illegal immigrants.

Upcoming posts !
I will be posting up 2 different post of the places I went so... stay tune !

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