Abode of Tranquility, Part 1: Janda Baik (Day Trip)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Today's post will be about my recent jaunt in Pahang's most common places among the locals, which is Janda Baik & Bentong.

I'm sure there are netizens from Pahang read through my blog before, and here you go - a dedicated post for you.

Before you jump into the main contents, hereby, I would like to thank myself for being lucky to bump into an attractive vendor in Publika and extremely eager to buy a book called, Destination Malaysia, written by a professional photographer cum traveler of My Road Planner. This author did a fantastic job on discovering several unique hidden gems that scattered around in Malaysia as well as promoting these gems through his book-on-sale, which is very impressive to me. A good way to awaken the society about how valuable our hidden gems in Malaysia. So, it got me motivated, wanted for more in terms of traveling in domestic - to discover the local hidden gems before heading out International.
Coordinates: 3.3100 N, 101.5500 E
Janda Baik, Pahang

i) Janda Baik - Lebuhraya Karak.
Left home, and headed to the first place, Janda Baik, miles away from the Berjaya Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands. Consider Janda Baik the foothill of everything especially for outsiders that drive through Karak Highway.
Morning dew, where the street starts to get more lively.
Medium size community and area, here goes the local shop-lots that are facing the great hills and mountains, opening up for businesses.
Local making end-meets by selling their own products within their own vicinity.

I was hungry too as I left my house without having any breakfast.
Then, I simply drop-by at any one of the store for a good breakfast.

This store offers great Wanton Noodle and selections of ingredients such as wanton meat, meatballs or fish balls of your choice, which is optional.
I picked fish balls and meatballs instead because it was always my favorite. Alongside, I ordered a cup of Teh-C ( hot tea with evaporated milk ) as a finisher to my breakfast.

The sensation of having such breakfast in such environment, seriously, you can't get else where in the cities. Yes, some place of the cities have such theme but their originality soon override by modernization. The sense of tranquility, classic culinary - these sort of elements can only be obtain in such places, for instance: here.

Children playful and laughter reminds me of my past - the exact situation in the similar environment.

ii) Hutan Lipur Konifer, Bukit Tinggi Bentong
Address: Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Hours: 7 morning to 6 evening, daily.

On my way to visit Tanarimba where Purple Cane Tea Restaurant lies, we saw this Conifer forest that is open for public, the gate was open unguarded. Nobody is there either. So, I guess it was nice to walk around when there's no other people around you.

The conifer grew in batches by batches, they are no in one big group, so it makes photography slightly in challenged. I took number of shots and finally found one that I really love it (above).
As I was busy taking pictures of these beautiful conifer, a pine cone drops from no where. It was dried, it seems like the life of the pine cone is going to be expire soon.

Not so sure what species of plant is this, looks beautiful indeed !

iii) Tanarimba & Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Address: Jalan Tanarimba Pine, Kampung Janda Baik,28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Hours: 9 morning - 7 evening (Wed - Sun)

This place enables you to host an event, if you need to. The structure of the entire building uses high grade quality of wood, you can tell by touching the woods. Amazingly, the wood is still in great shape till today.
Disclaimer: For hosting event, please do contact the agent beforehand.

It also act as a gallery for visitors on certain period of time, however there's even more strict regulations if you proceed further.

Behind the Tanarimba Hall would be the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. Purple Cane Tea Restaurant took over a business which was used to be a coffee house, due to the lack of profit and some several issues dragging them back, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant became the current existence to the past business. They mainly serve health-conscious food and drinks, which can be relate with the place that they are in right now- being encircled by greens.

Not planning to do much here, will just order one pot of tea to calm myself down.
Click the picture to enlarge, price of menu items - all you need to know.

I ordered one pot of Long Jing Green Tea (Finest) @ RM 13.
*You need to beware of this tip: RM 13 is only for one empty cup. If you want two cups for two pax, the price goes 13+13 = RM 26.
Well, fuck this - one tea cup @ RM 13 is enough (above) :)

iv) "Danau Daun Chalets" disguised as "Kopi n Kraf"
Lot 5347, Kg. Sum-Sum Hilir, Malaysia
Kampung Janda Baik
28750 Bentong

A chalets that open up for public, of course, reservation is the main priority so that the Team can make it up for you. Enclose yourself deep inside of the Janda Baik's village, which surrounded by greens as well as pool.

Apart from being ordinary chalet, this chalet provides guests with more personal-up close with the nature, as well as providing guests with their very own coffee blend. On top of that, there are facilities of man-made pool which the team named it as Dipping pool and fish pond. These facilities are accessible, with terms and conditions applied.

Should you read more about them?  Visit their site @ http://www.danaudaunchalets.com/

v) Free and Easy, deep inside Janda Baik's Village.
Address: Nil. *Title says it all.*

As I mentioned earlier, I want more from my domestic jaunt to fill the missing piece inside my heart, this required oneself to travel aimlessly to get what you want. As you go deeper into the woods, you will see incredibly authentic force of nature surrounded around you. The state of tranquility is foremost important when it comes to jaunting. Other than that, will be the originality of the source, the lore and so on...

Here, I stumbled across this place from my car, so I decided to stop by and check it out.
How locals react to the enclose nature, it turns out to be pretty natural as if the nature is their relatives.

vi) Restaurant Wonderland Valley Bukit Tinggi
Address: Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang
Contact: 012-569 1694

Every human needs food whenever they are starving, so drove all the way down and we found this restaurant with a unique chicky name on it, instantly be the place of our choice.
Man-made pool for fish koi and some other species of fish as an attraction point.

Delicious food indeed with pure ingredient with no injectors inside.

Bottom left: Kampung Chicken with sesame sauce.
Bottom Right: Tau fu with cut assorted veges and mushroom.
Top Left: Sliced pork meat served with coconut curry sauce.
Top Right: Stir fried vegetables served with chopped garlic.

Next, journey to Bentong of Pahang
which took about 25 minutes drive
away from Janda Baik.
Click (ME) to proceed to next part.

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