Abode of Tranquility, Part 2: Bentong (Day Trip)

Monday, September 14, 2015

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Coordinates: 3.5167 N, 101.9167

From Janda Baik to Bentong took about 25 - 30 minutes of drive. Then you will face this huge signboard, proudly erected the word BENTONG on the higher ground to tell you that you are in Bentong of Pahang now.

Speaking of Bentong, what does the locals usually aim for?
It's the Bentong morning market which is a MUST for all the locals of Bentong to go to, but unfortunately, I could not make it in time to visit the glorious market due to some personal reasons, that is why I headed to Janda Baik first.

Apart from Bentong's morning market, many locals and tourists will never fail to pay a visit to the best cold desserts in town that Bentong has to offered, Kow Po , as well as Bentong's best vista with marvelous natural attunement, Chamang Waterfall

i) Kow Po 
Address: Bentong Height, 28700 Bentong, Pahang
Hours: 10 morning to 7 evening (Daily)
Contact: 09-2221258

Kow Po has a long history of serving cold desserts to the community of Bentong. The cold desserts that are served to the community are Cendol, shaved-ice cream, Banana splitters and many more! What makes Kow Po a special cafe or desserts store to die for, was their homemade ice cream that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you are curious on exactly how long did their generation has been running, well I can say its more than 30 to 40 years of business!
That's what makes them renowned as the best ice cream parlor in Pahang today.

Judging by the price of Kow Po's each and every item, I can tell it's not cheap compare to my past experienced in Pangkor. Probably, because of their reputation perhaps? Not so sure about it till I dig the bowls !

No joke, this place is packed with people from all over the states of Malaysia.

Pandan Ice Cream.
Their most potential product is their Ice Cream! This is the Pandan-flavored ice cream that I had ! It was light in taste, the taste of pandan isn't obvious enough for me but pretty strong in terms of  ice molecule. 

Kow Po Special
As a Malaysian, you can identify this bowl has its various of combinations. You can see the mixture of Cendol, shaved ice cream as well as a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. The ingredients such as cendol and red beans are fine to me, sadly it wasn't sweet enough to me, I supposed there's not enough brown sugar in it.
Health-conscious consumer will like it.

ii) Chamang Waterfall
Address: 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

Bentong's best point of interest that you should not miss out is the Chamang Waterfall !
It would be a shame if you don't take a dip at the river of Chamang.
Chamang Waterfall is encircled with high-dense of greens, but fret not, obstacle-free if your dream is to get to the waterfall spot instantly without any hassle !

On a side note, visitors must pay before entering the premise.
Local (adult) RM 2 ; Foreigner (adult) RM 5
Local (kid) RM 1 ; Foreigner (kid) RM 2

Wrath of nature makes everything beautiful to look at, fresh air that flows into your lung, the sound of the waterfall downpour that calms down your soul, being a different person as well as being rejuvenate at the same time.

That is all ! This marks the end of my journey within Pahang! Pretty tranquil to be around at, the food is fresh and delicate as well as the vistas within the state are the bucketlist to die for!

Stay tune for more! 

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