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Thursday, October 01, 2015

One year ago, I blogged about my experience in Pulau Pangkor  , and it happened to have
Pangkor Island Festival for one week within the island. So, on one particular day, Seraph Awaken
was on site to promote coffee culture in the vicinity and I was there too. . . .

Fast forward, I paid Seraph Awaken a visit recently, to try out their renowned hand brew method, with very much love and efforts that the owner had spent for years.
Seraph Awaken, located in the middle of Klang's Little India street, so being there - you will definitely indulge with the old-time sphere.

Again, old-time sphere was indeed overwhelming, even the exterior and the interior of the shop reveals it all. The sense of being within the state - gives a very good reminiscence of how people back then, enjoy their cup of coffee. You can say its a "conversation over coffee" or "coffee over conversation" kinda thing~

Visitors have the chance to witness the state of art of coffee by sitting at the coffee bar, and, that's where more interactions take place. This is where community bonds can be bind together naturally with no force.

Coffee Bar was pretty neat and eye-candy as well for coffee enthusiasts~

Needless to say, their menu was pretty simple and straightforward, you can look up at the walls.

After placing orders, its certain that one must wait for it to be process then being serve~
While waiting for my items to come, I usually loved to observe my surrounding about the people, props and anything that I could possibly find to observe at! So, the best part of my observation towards this cafe was, the cafe wasn't just quaint at overall but the personalized service was priceless.
Interaction is the key to sustain your number of visitors, which can convert these visitors into loyal guests. Another highlight of my observation was, everyone was pretty chill over their drinks and the environment, which I think its important - showing that the guests are enjoying every moment in the cafe.
She's doing my Hibiscus Coffee.

Here are the items :)

1-  Hibiscus Coffee @ RM 13.00
Hibiscus Coffee that served in a pretty tea cup :) The hibiscus mixture was processed under extreme heat of a Bunsen Burner, then mixed into black coffee liquid. The aroma was noticeable and it was pleasant to drink. Hint of hibiscus and black coffee was balanced.

2- Ethiopia Harrar (Hand brew) @ RM 12.00
Hand brew coffees here were surprisingly strong in taste! It must be the wetting process, going in at the slowest tempo. Found out that, it was bright in acidity but there's hint of earthly flavors as well.

3- Assorted Cake (Sliced)
Unfortunately, the cake deck displayed decent cakes during my visit, so... why not grab some and chill under the haze?

Towards the end, very satisfied in everything that I encountered with, a place where you might wanna deep yourself back into the past...
Hopefully to see something even more interesting!

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Seraph Awaken
Address: 28, Jalan Stesen 1, 41000 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Mon - Tue: 10am - 5 pm
Fri - Sun: 10am - 5 pm

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