Abode of Grace (Perak): Taiping Lake Gardens

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Coordinates: 4.8539 N, 100.7333 E

When I was at home, the grass is always greener on the other side - People were saying how wonderful it is to be here, in the garden. These greens are such alluring and there's noway that you can resist such charm.
Before your parents exist into this world, Taiping Lake Gardens used to be a wealth-pool for miners, before it become the actual public garden in 1800. More over, average annual rainfall is about 4,000 mm in Taiping while the Peninsular's average is around 2,000 mm - 2,500mm. The unusual rainfall led to a fertile growth of flora and century-old rain trees in Taiping Lake Gardens, today.
" Ethereal Jaunt! "
#Throwback to the past where my Grandpop always brought me here to take a stroll and have fun in the playground. Then, there were many ice cream vendors along the pedestrian pavement - that's where I got crazy about it. I would buy them in 5 or 6 qty. I miss the mini melts ice cream by Nestle especially because its like a tiny-sized of ball ice cream. I'm sure you had that as well when you are a kid. I think that the production for mini melts ice cream no longer available in the market today...
Yes, I do recall that the air last time was way more fresher than today. Today's air contested with haze which produced all the way from Indonesia. Not blaming but seriously, they need to stop on open-burning method, which is inconsiderate act.

After done taking a stroll around the green, my mom brought us to the nearest Taiping Hawker Centre before heading back home.
They are pretty similar to all the old buildings in KL, isn't?

It did not took us long to locate the hawker centre, and at that point onward, craving for the local delicacies is definitely a must.
*Above, is the vast variety of local snacks, in Malaysia we call it "Kuih". Each and every kuih have their own lore, taste and method of preparation - this is what makes the Malaysian delicacies so unique. The seller of this store definitely did a good job for recommending which is best based on my taste buds.

*Above, I ordered (One) plate of Char Kuey Teow and (One) bowl of shaved Ice cream. My favorite is on the Char Kuey Teow because its super delicious which I barely able to describe it. This Char Kuey Teow, FYI, its the wet-version, so, not too wet nor dry - one word for it: PERFECT. Also, not many chefs able to control the texture(wet/dry) of the kuey teows. Once again, kudos for this one!
As for the shaved Ice cream, its very disappointing because there's no flavor in it. I felt that the person who made this bowl, is extremely stingy or maybe, it is meant to be like this???

Its very unfortunate that I have to visit many places in a short time, but HEY, its okay! Let's do this again when there's sufficient time and cash!
I'm still young and there's long way to go! NO worries!

Rain rain go away, come again another LIFE!

*This is the end of Abode of Grace(<-Click) blog posts. Stay tune for more posts in the future. Thank you for waiting!

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