Thursday, October 29, 2015

Softcore, or also known as molten cake shop, just opened right after I completed my final year in Sunway University. I got to know about their existence through my friends who posted several pictures over social media, so one morning I've decided to give it a try.

Softcore, mainly famous for their selection of flavors, delicious and affordable molten cake, the only outlet of its kind in Bandar Sunway.

The students who study nearby, are very lucky - because today, there are more than 50 Food & Beverage outlets to be picky at.
Anyway, as soon as you set foot at the entrance of Softcore, this is how it will look like from the outside. Elegantly furnished seats that makes passersby wonder what Softcore has to offer.
Inside, completely filled with modern wood-material furniture and a simple bar area that sums out the interior of the shop. Another minimalist design which every shop uses nowadays, nothing out of the ordinary.

So, the indoor provides high capacity of seats as well as pamper the diners by air-conditioning. However, the lighting in-house is slightly dim, personally I would have preferred it brighter. Most of the indoor pictures that I took, had already been tweaked to look brighter.
If you are a smoker, you can opt for the outdoor seats. Chewing your food while stoning within the smoke particles :)

Without any further ado, here is the menu of Softcore. Have a look at their menu item before heading in. Note that this shop does not charge you on GST and Service Charge, meaning, there's no need to burn extra hole in your wallet.
Once you are ready to order, head to this simple yet nicely set-up counter and proceed further.
At times, several promotional items only appear at the counter, so remember to check it out with the cashier.

1- Mac N Cheese (RM 11.00)
Nothing much to brag about but my only rant was on the macaroni that baked with cheese. It wasn't cheesy enough as compared to Yellow Brick Road's Mac & Cheese. If only Softcore could produce something cheesy as YBR's and retain at the same price... It will be perfect!
2- Minimal (RM 17.00)
Despite stated in the menu, I find no Jalapenos inside my plate. I expect more flavors from the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, however, it was rather embarrassing. Plain filling that filled with cheddar and tomato sauce only.

Apart from the above, below are the best highlights of Softcore !
Here, I ordered two different version of Molten cake, which is Dark Chocolate and Matcha flavor!

-Matcha (RM 15.00)
I actually love the combination of Matcha molten cake that served with one part of citrus ingredient (lime) and another one part of icy cold chilling ice cream. In summary, everything plated on this plate makes sense and good thing that they did not try hard to plate something weird on the plate.
Witness the Before and After break-out of this molten cake. Fantastically done.

-Dark Chocolate (RM 13.00)
The name of the molten cake says it all, its a dark chocolate-flavored of molten cake that will always be everyone's favorite! Softcore uses fine Belgium chocolate couvertures, garnished with strawberry slices, a few fruitful of blueberries, droplets of puree and fine chocolate powder with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of it which sums out the final outcome of this dessert plate!
Witness the Before and After break-out of this molten cake. Fantastically done.

As for the beverage, I decided to try out their Santan Red Bean milkshake (RM 15.00), because the description stated all of the ingredients which I'm really fine with.
I really love the taste of this milkshake because I'm a big fan of red bean! Sadly, I despised that they served the milkshake in a cocktail shaker. Don't you think milkshake suppose to be serve in a rock bar dessert glass?

If you wish to save cost for drinks, Softcore did prepared two large water tank just for you so that you can save some money! Self-service boys and girls!

Knowing that Softcore has its minimal-style within their keep, which makes photography-worthy for all walk-ins.
"I will be your light-bulb"

The placement of sofa and desk was perfect in such a way that the natural light pierce on them, in simple term, good for photography.

Elegantly furnished wood for outdoor seats.

Rising flowers!

To keep words short, Softcore is the only outlet of its kind that serve the cheapest and delicious molten cake in Bandar Sunway - in which could satisfy female's craving, to be precise. However, the breakkie is not worth calling for. You decide.

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56, Jalan PJS 11/7,
 Bandar Sunway,
 46150 Subang Jaya, 

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