FoodGasmFest 2015 @ Dataran Petaling Jaya

Sunday, November 01, 2015

A fresh from the oven- blog post.
*Image Courtesy of FoodGasmFest.
What's up ladies & gentlemen? I'm posting this now to share with you my experienced in FoodGasmFest 2015 which is happening right now in Dataran Petaling Jaya!

FoodGasmFest is an event which occurs occasionally to collaborate with any other event or sponsors, to provide good vibes to the public by hosting enormous vast of gastronomical delight, ranging from finger food to savory mains, from refreshing drinks to icy cold smoothies and all kinds of wonderful desserts that lay on the tray.
*Image Courtesy of FoodGasmFest
To reach to the destination, you have two options.
-If you are traveling by car, you will have to be there early. Expect stand-still traffic.
I was there 10 minutes early prior to the event (0950hr).
-If you are traveling by LRT, it should be easy and you don't have to worry about where to park your vehicle. As time goes on, doubt there will be a park spot for you. Don't cry.
-If you are traveling via motorbikes, this is pretty easy. Overtake like a king, reach on-site in minutes.

*Image Courtesy of FoodGasmFest
The attached image above shows the vendor plan setup by the FoodGasmFest, convenient for you to search for your all time favorite vendor.

Me, walking towards the site. I can see huge crowd queuing up for food from a distance!

Taking a picture at the middle of on-site.

Apart from food and beverage vendors, there are several food trucks as well.

One of my favorite bakery stall so far. I couldn't search for them in Facebook. If you happen to know what's their Facebook link, please leave a comment below.

Things that I ate in FoodGasmFest ...
Chicky Chicken Sandwich (RM 8.00), perfectly toast bread that filled with chicken sliced, green vegetables and sinful thousand island sauce.

The Tokyo Burger (RM 1.00) each. They are quite tiny, most likely finger food to me.

Moist Chocolate Brownie with Salted Caramel Butter Cream (RM 8.00). This seriously is a sinful piece of brownie that I had ever taste. Very moist in its brownie texture, glazed perfectly with its salted caramel butter cream on top.

Other than that, if you are a fan of a vape device, there is a tent that sells custom-made e-juice for your mod.

What to expect/prepare prior to the event:
-Wear a cap or bring an umbrella if you need one.
-Don't try to overdress yourself with good outfit, because the weather can be hot or wet.
-Overdress is one thing, footwear is another, so either wear a comfortable sports shoe or a rain boots ... A no-no to flippers because I had mine constantly stuck in quagmires.
-Bring more cash with small notes.
-Bring a picnic cloth if you need one.
-Come to the site early because you are not the only one who attend to this event.
-Stay hydrated at all times.

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