IDC (Ice Dreams Cafe) -Inspired By Kapiti™-

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Apart from the eminent Inside Scoop, Sangkaya, Nana's Green Tea and many other overrated indie cafes, one must give it a try in IDC (Ice Dreams Cafe) at Damansara Kim. An ice cream parlor, truly inspired by Kapiti™ - serving the best yet unique taste of ice cream.
With Kapiti™ Ice Creams featured in the cafe, no doubt all of the New Zealand's ice cream would taste fantastic. Fantastic in the sense of maximum flavor, authentic and high quality of ingredients being used to process as a good ice cream. IF you are an ice cream connoisseur then you will know what I meant. Moreover, IDC is selling Kapiti™ Ice cream at a reasonable price, despite all of the items were imported...

My Orders: 
1- Ice Cream Sandwich (RM 12.00) First thought after reading the word "ice cream sandwich", I thought that they will use the bread to sandwich the dollop of ice cream. Instead, they use cookies to sandwich the ice cream in between. It is pretty huge that it can't fit into my mouth as a whole, so I had to dissemble the whole sandwich into pieces. The cookies taste ordinary, but the choice of ice cream flavor that I had chose was Summer Nectarine Ice Cream-Kapiti™ , which is delicious as it has the hint of peach extract. Summer Nectarine Ice Cream-Kapiti™  is made up of succulent Central Otago nectarines and rich muscovado pieces folded through.

2- Affogato, Olive oil and sea salt. (RM 12.00)
I know having olive oil and sea salt within your desserts is a weird combination to enjoy with, but trust me, IDC manage to nailed my trust. It is an affogato of their very own version that consist of olive oil and pinch of sea salt sprinkled on top of the Vanilla Ice Cream-Kapiti™.

When the olive oil is pour on top of the ice cream, it grants the consumer a promising smooth texture that nobody can ever ask for. The sea salt act as a repellent towards the olive oil, knowing that olive oil itself can have very extreme or overpowered aroma and taste that many would find it disgusting. You can say that the sea salt itself, act as a "middle-person/middle-component" to provide the balance as a whole.

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30, Jalan SS 20/10, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tues-Thurs: 1 pm - 10 pm 
Fri-Sat: 12 pm -11 pm 
Sun: 12 pm - 10 pm

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