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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

If you have heard about Omakase + Appreciate, founded by Shawn Chong and Karl Too , then I'm sure that you've heard about Olfactory Bulb !

Olfactory Bulb has their concept derived from the two main business partners who named, Chris & Kane, but Shawn of Omakase + Appreciate, is there to assists the business by contributing his barista and mixology skills. Olfactory Bulb is a lounge-cafe that expertise in crafting coffee, tea and chocolate-based with alcohol as well as serving one-of-its kind desserts.

Mind you, Olfactory Bulb stands out to be a unique lounge-cafe among their competitors within the area, in terms of their opening hours. Their daily operation begins from evening until midnight.

As you ascend, you will find yourself in a pitch-black path-way guided with decorated wall lamps so you will not fall into the darkness.
I'm amazed that they can actually think of a simple design to complete this area. For bonus, I think its nice to have some murals at the pitch-black wall, which makes every guests' photography a memorable one.

Inside the lounge-cafe, you will still experience slight darkness. Fortunately, there are light bulbs dangling at the bar cum counter section, which give out medium radius of luminosity. This setting gives out some sort of chill yet a nightlife experience to all guests, whereby they can enjoy the night with what Olfactory Bulb has to offer.
Interior wise, brick of walls painted in black, accompanied with several spotlight on-the-shine, furniture featuring black stainless steel chairs, elegantly furnished wooden tables & chairs and several cosy yet majestic sofa chair. The interior used in Olfactory Bulb, is a perfect synergy prior to the business that they are doing.
In the middle of the lounge-cafe, there will be a unique candle chandelier with enzyme-shape above a few cylinder vase centerpieces.

Below would be Olfactory Bulb's menu lists, so do check them out beforehand! Click at the picture for better view.

Below are the items that I have ordered and I must say, the items here are very exquisite...

1- Yam Som Oh (RM 26.00), under Ofb Waffle Mess.
One of the best waffle creations in town! The BEST ONE, like SERIOUSLY because I'm a big fan of Thai cuisine and this bowl of waffle taste like one. A waffle with Kapiti lemongrass & ginger, lemon cream, lime syrup, sweetened dried cuttlefish, pomelo, crushed tom yam flavored peanuts and kaffir lime leaf.

2- Brownie Ala Mode (RM 16.00) under Ofb Sweets.
If you are looking for a balance of warm and cold element in one plate, this is the one that you are looking for. A warm brownie served with a dollop of Kapiti Black Doris Plum & Creme Fraiche ice cream. Good stuff.

I know that I mentioned that Olfactory Bulb is famous for their coffee-based mixed in alcohol, but next time, maybe?
Because there is a saying that goes..."less is more".
So stay tune for this update.
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Olfactory Bulb
Jalan PJU 5/13,
 Dataran Sunway,
 Kota Damansara,

Operating Hours:
Tues-Fri, 5pm-12am; Sat-Sun, 3pm-1am.

Contact No.

Olfactory Bulb's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/olfactorybulb/

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