Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The pioneer of Wanderlust is actually known as Departure Lounge, which underwent few months of renovation to transform into something that nobody will thought of. The transformation towards the new business (Wanderlust) is pretty amazing from the inside out, in which everybody has to give it a try!
Before I forget, Wanderlust c/o Departure Lounge known for producing many talented baristas over the years and granting them the sustainable titles and awards for being able to compete number of competition over the years.

Set their lore aside, their environment truly astounding where it gives a sense of freedom and sophisticated blue that symbolizes the name of their shop, Wanderlust, after all this is what 'wanderlust' is all about.

Wanderlust is not just only excel in preparing specialty coffees, but they are good in culinary too. Check below.

1- Wanderlust Breakfast Bunny (RM 29.00)
You are able to choose egg of your choice (scrambled, poached, fried or omelette eggs), chicken sausage, turkey bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, toasted bun, baked beans, cherry tomato, rocket leaves and caramelized banana. Overall, it looked pretty generous in portion and everything cooked perfectly. My only wish is that maybe they can add one scoop of mash potato inside the bread where you can see hash brown, turkey bacon ....

2- Pancake (RM 24.00)
Something that I did not expect to see from Wanderlust in my breakfast! The plating is an art for an art! The Pancake is served with chrysanthemum poached pear, goji berry syrup and Thai tea cream.
Loving the fluffy pancakes especially when it is feast together with cuts of poached pear and a little dip of Thai tea cream :)

1- Cold Brew Coffee (RM 12- 16)
One of the beautiful and friendly waitress recommended me to try out their new invention, so I did.
A tray that contains (1) 100 ml of cold brew coffee [single origin - Tanzania, Acacia Hills (light to medium bodied)], (1) sparkling water, (1)dehydrated/dried orange and a syringe of sweet syrup.
So I was told that it can be any combination of my own to archive the desire taste. Before I mix everything into one, I usually taste each of the components so that I can control and gauge the taste once I'm ready to fuse everything in.
Despite all mixed up, I can finally conclude that the dried orange is very strong!

2- Roselle Tea (RM12.00)
I'm sure you know how a roselle tea taste like, right? Its basically like those typical Malaysian 'Air Sirup', but roselle tends to be more authentic in taste and aroma and slightly less sweet than the 'Air Sirup'. This is good to drink especially during summer.

In conclusion, I like the customer service because they are friendly and attentive. The food is amazing in terms of plating and taste wise too. I wanted to ordered hot beverage like cappuccino but I got recommended to try their cold brew invention, so maybe next time I will try it if I happen to be there. Also, I heard their dinner is great too! Hmmm.

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10, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wed-Mon: 11am -10pm
 Sat-Sun: 9am -10pm 
Closed On Tues.

Contact No.: 
03-6211 9688

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