Palladium Cafe Kuala Lumpur @ Eco Sky

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Recently, crowds hyped over Palladium Cafe due to the cafe layout concept which inspired by a Taiwanese music video written by Jay Chou (a Taiwanese artist), whereby he sang outside a glass house that enclosed by a beautiful landscape.
It is a pretty darn good idea to adapt and build the cafe with the glasshouse-cafe concept to draw all coffee lovers and those fan of Jay Chou - which surprisingly received lots of positive feedback from the people.
The first Palladium Cafe was launched in Eco Spring Show Village, Johor - then follow-up with the current Palladium Cafe of Eco Sky in Kuala Lumpur and The Parque Cafe of Eco Sanctuary nearby Kota Kemuning. All of these, to be honest, only operates for short term of period - however, according to survey they might extend the duration of service according to the demands and positive feedback.

So each of the cafe built by EcoWorld was outsourced to third party to manage the entire cafe service. For instance, Palladium Cafe Kuala Lumpur ruled under La Casa ( a restaurant in Verve Shops Mont' Kiara). As for the other cafes, (The Parque in Klang & Palladium Cafe in Johor) operated by Coffee Concepts but the architecture and design of the cafe remains identical.

Inside the glass-house was comprised with only one-sided modernized wood to act as a wall and having the glass panels installed at remaining angles. The bar/workstation/counter already occupied half of the space, which resulted in limited of space for seating, so if you want to enjoy your cafe moment in air-conditioned (indoor), by all means to be there early before anyone else, otherwise; you might end up sitting outside which is extremely hot and unpleasant.
"Shout-out to Tom & Keith which I just had conversation with throughout my visit"

A) Long Black (RM 9.00 + 6% GST)
Started my day with a cup of Long Black which uses Colombia beans, roasted by a Japanese Roaster. A light to medium-bodied which has floral aroma and noticeable acidity.

B)  Classic Cheese Cake (RM 14.00 + 6% GST)
Tried their Classic Cheese Cake, wasn't really up to my expectation as the texture inside is slightly dry and the crust at the bottom slightly wet and off.

 C) Cappuccino (RM 11.00 + 6% GST)
The Colombian bean taste even better with FarmHouse milk as its final outcome produce a good balance of cappuccino. It taste sweeter too!

"Art-pouring time!"

 A place suitable for couples and group of friends who which to have catch-up session with one another.

"No Coffee, No Life"
In conclusion, hopefully these cafes can have "free-hold" so that everybody deserved a chance to visit and enjoy such environment as everything seems so promising... Will try another outlet in Eco Sanctuary in the near future despite the concept is identical !

-Price & Service: 3/5
(The GST implementation killed my heart a little...otherwise it would be better)
-Ambient: 4/5
-Food & Beverage: 3/5
(The Classic Cheese Cake did not manage to charm my taste bud )

Palladium Cafe Kuala Lumpur
EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Sky, 
Lot 3972 and 4189, Batu 6 ½, 
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh), 
68100 Kuala Lumpur.

Everyday 12 pm to 9 pm (will extend operating hours depending on crowd)

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