New Chapter by The Owls Cafe

Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 and still counting...
It is time for everyone's new chapter of life as soon as new year hits in, #TeamTheOwlsCafe on the side, pop-out with their new launch, called the New Chapter. New Chapter by The Owls Cafe was born in Calvary Convention Centre (a church centre) nearby Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort.

This time, the space within the vicinity has doubled compared to their first outlet (The Owls Cafe @ Jalan Jalil Jaya 6) and comprehend with pretty wooden-white furnitures, patterned tiles and clean white walls.
If you are a returning customer of The Owls Cafe, I'm sure you know the struggle just to get a seat in their cafe due to their lucrative business that produces high turnovers. However as mentioned above on their new expansion in New Chapter, it is easily accessible this time without any queue despite having huge crowd !
(Existance of queue(s) still can be vary on different days/season - just be there early and you will be fine)
"Ms. Loo at her steampunk"

Infused Water (RM 13.00)
Started out with this Infused Water to refresh myself after a long distance of driving. Infused Water is mixed with seasonal fruits. The fruits content inside the Infused Water can be vary from time to time, so there are chances that you might not get exactly the same as mine.

Cappuccino - Single shot 6oz (RM 8.00)
One thing that can't be miss out especially when you are in New Chapter/The Owls Cafe, which is their coffee. Why? It is because the barista behind the steampunk were experienced & passionate about coffee that will change your mind :P Each shots pulled were pleasant, smooth and clean.
So I ordered myself a cup of cappuccino with a single shot to get caffeinated.

Meanwhile, breakfast & brunch menu in New Chapter seems limited compared to their other half - The Owls Cafe. Pretty sure it is because New Chapter just came out not long ago, so my rough guess is that they are in the midst of implementing something new and interesting. Till then, go click Like at their Facebook page to follow-up on their cafe updates.*

English Muffin (RM 16.00)
Opt for something healthy and light-meal? Go for the English style muffin with egg mayonnaise & semi sun-dried tomatoes with mix green salad and buttered parsley potatoes on side. This plate is good enough for those who want to save space for the waffles later.

Baker On the Go - Chunky Sea Catch (RM 18.00)
The name of the menu item says it all. Pastry and sea catch? Well that literally translated, a plate that has a flavored Crispy Croissant stuffed with fresh tuna chunk with creamy mayonnaise served with salads & fries. Great!

Midori *NEW* (RM 21.00)
I was told that Midori released not long ago, so I decided to give this a try. It is a matcha based waffle filled with generous amount of Mandarin oranges with sprinkle of pistachio, homemade black sesame & coconut ice cream together with red bean cream. It is weird to have combination of waffles with ice cream alongside with the Mandarin oranges but luckily it suits my taste bud well. The ice cream is superb authentic especially the coconut flavour. However, if there is a chance to rewind, I would go back to Rebecca :3

"Food.Dessert.Coffee creates happy people"
.Great beginning to start the year of 2016.
Good luck!

Price & Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4/5 

New Chapter by The Owls Cafe (Facebook)
Calvary Convention Centre
1, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1,
Taman Teknologi Malaysia,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tue - Thu: 10am - 7pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun: 10am - 7pm.

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