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Sunday, April 03, 2016

When almond milk was first released commercialize, most of the almond milk out there taste mediocre yet unauthentic and secretly sweet for nothing - which doesn't appeared healthy to the consumers. As importance of health still remains priority to some entrepreneurs  out there, there were many homemade almond milk today. 

Nut Milk Factory is one of the independent brand that stood out among the rest - A self-declared entrepreneur by day, bodybuilder by night. Realizing that almond nut could deliver positive benefits to body health, the founder then decided to make a healthy and delectable almond milk for the community.
Nut Milk Factory's Almond Milk serving in a glass bottle at 300ml
The almond milk produced by Nut Milk Factory definitely packed with abundant nutrition as the nuts are cold-pressed alongside with fresh coconut water. Probably there are some of you might thought that the secondary component in-used would be milk or water... But you heard me right, fresh coconut water are used in creating this product as it provides good source of fiber and minerals. Confidently with the appropriate ingredients used, this almond milk was also created with concerned, for individuals who suffer from lactose intolerant.

On the other hand, no additives are added inside. Thus, best keep chilled and consume within 3 days while the freshness still at its prime. Besides, having any sort of additives will defeat Nut Milk Factory's purpose of selling healthy products to the community.
After all, health is important right?

Taste notes wise would be coconut water, light creamy almond juice and noticeable aroma of fresh almond nuts.

"A bottle of almond milk, sufficient enough to keep me on-the-go"

NMF's almond milk is prepared and sold in a glass bottle at 300 ml per serving at the price of RM 14.00 (no GST), which I personally think its reasonable and affordable as the ingredient(almond) used in the product is not cheap. Some stores might sell at a higher price, which is unforeseeable. 

How to purchase?
*No physical store at the moment*
Free Delivery within Klang Valley area for orders of more than 6 bottles.

Send your orders via FB private message or
[please include your name, h/p no., address, no. of bottles, preferred delivery day (Tuesday or Friday)]
Orders before 10am Monday for delivery on Tuesday.
Orders before 10am Thursday for delivery on Friday.

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Price & Service: 5/5
Beverages: 5/5 

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