Bunn Choon 品泉

Sunday, September 25, 2016

 From a distant, I noticed that there were many people queuing up at the display panel of the shop, abusively and very demanding for their egg tarts to be pack quickly. The owner and the shop assistants were busy accommodating their customers' requests, trying their best to deliver their freshly baked creamy egg tarts away.
Based on my observation, one would at least, take away more than 3 boxes of freshly baked egg tarts.
 I wasn't so sure why there are many people crazy about Bunn Choon 品泉's pastries until I step in closer to read at their wall hall of fame. It was proven that their creamy custard egg tart and other flaky pastries are amazing because of the owner's craftsmanship. The reason of why his egg tarts were famous and delicious its due to the use of pork lard that enhanced the flavor of the crust, making it more favorable. 
(Not sure if Bunn Choon 品泉 also apply pork lard into the rest of his flaky pastries, but, according to my knownledge, Bunn Choon 品泉 claimed that their items are not certified Halal.)

Their famous egg tart now comes with three variations such as charcoal egg tart, green tea egg tart and the classic egg tart. Otherwise, there are many other pastries awaits you.
High demand from the customers.
If you are interested to buy their egg tarts or any other items, it is best for you to write down your details such as name and contact number or making reservation via phone call to avoid disappointment - because it is seriously high in demand.
Freshly baked pastries. 
Wobbling creamy custard egg tarts, just came out fresh from the oven.
So, I bought back all kinds of egg tarts and a few delicious pastries that Bunn Choon has to offered. The items are charcoal egg tart, green tea egg tart, classic egg tart, almond egg tart, pineapple tart and kaya roll. All of these below, only cost me about RM 17.
After sampling all of them, the kaya roll appeared to be most delicious than any of their pastries. The kaya roll was the best in my personal opinion because it is very flaky and moist, unlike any other stores that produces them.
 I have no comments on the tarts as they taste similar compared to other stores, however, the only significance is the Green Tea Egg Tart, which gives you green tea flavour as you chew it. Same goes to the almond tart and the pineapple tart, nothing much to express about it.

Personal Verdict
Traditional Chinese pastries such as egg tart has stepped up their game. Might as well drop-by and try right? Besides, government project of rising up many LRT stops has help citizen to travel from one place to another place easily... Oh dont forget about the KAYA ROLL ! Amazing!

Bunn Choon 品泉
153, Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, 50000.

Tel: 012-254 7625

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