Summary of my short trip in Penang 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Recently I had a trip to Penang because of my university held a field trip that required me to be there on-site, in addition, to relive the old memories of mine, visited Penang 10 years ago. Penang is well-known for its local delicacies, quaint architectures and photogenic views as well as packed with diverse culture that you may learn one or two!
I'm thankful enough that my university hosted this trip to Penang last week despite many other tasks need to be done.

Due to time constraint, allowed me to summarized this post for you on what I 'personally' think about Penang, as a whole.

1. Its different.
I'm not saying that Penang is extremely "different" because it is on the island that makes it so special but because it is really a unique place where you can feel the aura, packed full of historic culture that still live within until today. I felt safe (for now), compared to other states that I have been before and you can see more tourists compared to locals. The ratio of tourists to locals give you the feel that as if you are in another world.
 Locals said that living standard is horrible these days compared to the old days, so you won't be able to see them around so often :p...
When you are in Penang, you should not waste your time resting, because Penang has lots of food awaits you to try throughout the entire day. 
Otherwise, head to the beach for water-sports activity or shopping malls.
Night time is best for night-life before you go to bed.
 2. Yummy Yum!
Po-piah is the Asian version of wrap, with vegetables and possible protein inside.
Fried Carrot Cake that you should not missed out despite the large quantity of oil used!
 For those of you who don't know, I repeat myself here, YOU SHOULD NOT MISSED OUT PENANG'S DELICACIES, as they are the best, mainly because they are cheap, big in portion, fresh and delicious. Research showed that foreign tourists spent most of their time and money on local delicacies because they are valued for money and they taste better than any other food :P 
Long story short, you should go for Char Kuey Teow(picture below), most common suggested dish for beginners, which literally means fried noodles with bean sprouts and fresh big prawns.
Char (Fried) Kuey Teow.

Fried oysters and scramble eggs! A plate of fried oysters & scramble eggs can be pricey but never mind the value, because its really delicious and fresh. Highly recommended by me!
This is po-piah that I was saying just now. Asian version of wraps.
Cendol originated from Indonesia but also popular in Penang due to the Penang's variant.
Loh-Mee, a Hokkien dish, thick starchy gravy with thick noodles.

70's Ice Ball. It was said that back then, they used newspaper to hold the delicious ice ball...

Big Bowl Ramen. This shop happen to be in Chew Jetty, what a strategic venue to sell such item. However, it is the best ramen I ever had. Especially the curry soup.

Apart from the above, I have not cover all the delicacies in Penang due to the limitation of time. Fret not, food are easily available everywhere as you move.
So, keep on moving.

 Not to mention that, there are many indie-cafes in Penang island nowadays that served coffee, cakes and tea. A new trend that may possibly override the traditional food and drinks?

3. Photogenic Penang
On good weather condition, taking a simple picture of the sea, streets or people, is beautiful enough for you to keep it into your own gallery or to showcase your photography skills on social network.
Tourists hunt for cultural murals.
Walking along the WHS office in Penang.
Someone done with fishing.

-Going for a food trip or as a overall, Penang is the best by far (in my opinion). Reason behind my judgement is because Penang has many kinds of food to offer as they are authentic, delicious, fresh and affordable. 
-Apart from the tourist spot George Town, there are many other places that are worth visiting such as Batu Ferringhi, Butterworth and many more.
-Accommodations and night-life pubs/clubs are readily available.
-Transportation in Penang is never a problem with the aid of transportation rental or smart-phone application such as GrabCar or Uber, to hire personal driver. 
-People like you and me, this island has ample of places to take pictures on.

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