What I did last Raya 2017?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I've always wanted to experience the beautiful scenery in Sekinchan since some time ago. In addition, the Malaysia's Raya holiday was quite lengthy and I got bored doing nothing at home. Therefore, I have decided to visit Sekinchan, as a form of day trip to burn some of my free time, although there are several negative factors were warned repetitively over the net.

-Beautiful scenery that is Instagram-worthy.
-Homestay & Culture.
-Local delicacies such as seafood.
-Best time to witness the golden yellow wheat field on the particular month of June & December.

-Traffic heavily congested due to peak season such as national school holiday or festive season.
-Weather is unpredictable, which may ruin your trip.
-The wheat field might not be aesthetic good looking as what you've expected if you visit at the wrong time, day and month.
-Not English friendly place. 

To summarize, my entire day trip was more towards the "cons" side, however, there are still some light of hope during my trip.

I left the city (Petaling Jaya) at 12 noon and the journey took about 1.5 hours. This 1.5 hours is a 72 kilometer journey includes massive accident and unusual heavy traffic congestion. However, this 1.5 hours of journey considered fair enough, all thanks to Waze, helped me to skipped the jam.

All you need is:
-Decent amount of cash, probably RM 100 to RM 200.
-Car with outstanding fuel efficiency, mine was the Nissan Almera 1.5, total fuel costs for return trip is RM 40.
-Bottle of water to stay hydrated.
-Smartphone with Maxis internet service. Celcom internet DOES NOT WORK in this area, not sure why.
My visit to each hot spot is according to flow and sequence, based from the direction I traveled from.
E = Pantai Redang Sekinchan (Not labelled on the Map above, 10 minutes drive away)

AN.16 cafe 拾綠號
Above image shows you that this is N.16 cafe. A bus-designed infrastructure that is on top of a container. The bus caters the guests that would like to dine in, with the expense of small space. The container as the base, has washroom and small kitchen inside. This cafe serves typical western dishes and beverages such as pour-over coffee and soft drinks. Also, N.16 is located right beside the Padi Box Homestay, which is one of the most iconic homestay in Sekinchan.
Due to peak timing, I only had the chance to see what's inside this bus and do not have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the food and drinks by N.16 cafe.
Instead of waiting to be seated, I went to the back of the container, to buy a bottle of sparkling juice from them and cool down myself under the shade.
RM 7 for this bottle of Malt beverage to cool me down from the scorching sun.

B. Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay
It works similar like how N.16 cafe 拾綠號 and Padi Box work as one.
Yes, I visited the Farm Ville Cafe but not the homestay. Just another ordinary cafe and nothing for me to comment about.

C = Ah Ma House + Kampung Datuk
This is a must-go location, the Ah Ma House, middle of the paddy field, where you can find most of the souvenir items here before the end of your journey. The products are mostly edible products and follow by man made furniture. Price starting from RM 2 and above.
Moreover, you may opt for a ride around the paddy field with the vintage buggy car, RM 10 per pax.
People checking out their cart.
Would you like to have some cotton candy?

Making of the traditional wafer snacks "Kuih Kapit", was made by egg batter clasped with the iron mold.

Opposite Ah Ma House, is the Kampung Atuk. In Kampung Atuk, you will be able to learn about the fishery industry as well as able to try the specialty of the local food.
Oyster Omelette is the highlight dish in Sekinchan. RM 15 per plate.

Kampung Atuk's gallery, tells you how the local catch the fish in the sea. (RM 5 for adult | RM 3 for children, access to the gallery)

E = Pantai Redang Sekinchan
This is another location that you must visit before you leave Sekinchan for good - the Redang beach of Sekinchan. This beach is popular because the presence of the fishery firms, temple, eateries and beach!

Mainly, visitors usually visit this place because of the temple, where they can obtain a red string of charm to toss it up to the tree trunks and make a wish come true. Otherwise, visitors are usually here to relax their minds, to take Instagram-worthy image or possibly to eat!
Traditional man made house.
Fishery ports.

Store owner is busy cooking and delivering the food to the customers.
One particular moment was the food took so long to deliver on to my table. I had to constantly remind the food store owner about my order. This was utterly disappointed or perhaps it wasn't the right time to visit this place because of the high influx of visitors.
Oyster omelette, RM 15 per plate. The typicality of Sekinchan's Oyster omelette tends to have very high contain of oil, flour and lack of oysters... Unlike in Penang, it was really good, filling and delicious!
RM 6 for this Char Kuey Teow. This was the worst dish ever. Tasteless and kept me waiting for a very long duration.

At the end, this trip was to rejuvenate inner mind and relax the body after months of hectic work.

Sekinchan is actually a nice town to visit, provided that it has to be at the right time when visit.

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